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Endocrinologist has 'dropped' me!!

I've been 'dropped' by my endocrinologist!! Yes, that's right you read this correctly. After waiting to see my endocrinologist for about a month I sent an email yesterday about thyroid disorders and the link between CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia hoping this would provide one evidence to support my diagnosis. Now, I also mentioned Dr Sarah Myhill in this email which is probably why I got dropped!!

I received a phone call from the endocrinologists secretary this morning explaining that tomorrow's appointment has been cancelled. I was also told I was on a different page to my endocrinologist and it would be best if we stopped treatment immediately. Now, bear in mind this endocrinologist is an NHS and private consultant who comes highly recommended. I'm amazed that a patient can be dropped like this. Her secretary mentioned GMC in her phone call which may shed some light on why I have been dropped. Dr Myhill has been investigated over 30 times by the GMC with no charges found against her!!

As you can imagine I'm fuming about this situation and wondering what to do next. Maybe an official complaint but what's the point? By the way I'm seeing a 'functional' doctor in December which means I may get somewhere then. In the meantime what should I do?

Kind regards,


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I'm dismayed to hear of yet another example of a doctor putting their professional position before the health of a patient. TUK might like to hear from you about your experience, so that they can amend their list of 'friendly' endos.

I think this endo has behaved unprofessionally. You could try writing to her, pointing out that Dr Myhill has defended herself successfully against every complaint made by her colleagues, and that no patient has ever made a complaint about her. If you don't want to do that, you could get in touch with the PALS office at the hospital, explaining your concerns. However, I have to admit that I've never felt strong enough to make a formal complaint, and reading of people's experiences of the complaints process has deterred me - which is what it's designed to do, of course.

Good luck with the functional practitioner. If you pick your practitioner carefully, you are more likely to be treated successfully outside the standard system.



NHS endos discharge patients back to GPs when they feel thyroid levels and treatment are stable. It sounds as though you got up her nose by emailing her.

If the endo is so highly recommended why do you feel you have to educate her? Is there some dispute between you re your diagnosis?

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I don't think martinspencer_1967 has even had a first appointment with this endo. A recommendation I've often read on this forum is to forward any papers of interest prior to an appointment, so that the consultant has had a chance to look through them. To dismiss a patient who attempts adult-to-adult discussion before you've met them formally is unprofessional.


That's disgusting! So shameful of them! I'm so sorry for you. It's terrible when you feel ill and you prepare and build your hopes up for an appointment with these idiots. If you ask me, you're better off being "on a different page" ~ they've saved you time and a wasted journey. Wow!! 'Speak No Evil' ??? What a totally bizarre system we have here! Stay on the forum for support and to prevent insanity lol and good luck for December ~ you deserve it.

Mamapea x


Hi Martinspencer_1967

Sorry to hear you have been treated like this! It’s discrimination cancelling an appointment because you have sent information about something/someone the Endo doesn’t agree with. On the one occasion I saw an Endo the secretary advised that the Endo will not be treating you when you are seen! TSH 4.25 (0.3-6) and Ckd. Thanks to this Endo ...I cannot even get blood tests done at my GP surgery. It’s shocking that these so called professionals can get away with their bullying tactics! You will get excellent support and advice on this forum. I am self treating and managing my condition also monitoring my blood tests etc. Take care x


I dropped my Endo and GP last year I was fed up with being ill and not listened to.

I now only use this site for good information and to keep feeling well again.


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