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Netflix Movie - The Magic Pill

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We have all noticed the discrepancy and sometimes hostility between alternative and conventional practitioners. This documentary is causing the American Medical Association to attempt to stop its appearance. Many here know the importance of changing your diet because we also know that certain foods cause inflammation or turn on certain genes. The medical profession does not want you turning to food when they have perfectly good high priced medications you could take instead.

The program follows patients with various autoimmune conditions and eating a ketogenic diet with good results. I think certain entities may try to stop this film so I would watch it while we can.

You need to have a membership with Netflix to watch it but it may possibly be found elsewhere. Gravitas Ventures is the creator and Pete Evans one of the hosts.

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The Government wants us sick. They don’t tell us we’re deficient in iodine in NorthAmerica and that chemical warfare is attacking our thyroid . I’m taking Lugols iodine to detoxify my body and I just started Selenium which I need more info about from others

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Julia1234

The widespread availability of iodized (apparently 53% of salt sales ), rather suggests to me that they are not wantonly not telling you. It is common. We see some USA people surprised by the rarity of iodised salt in the UK. Whether you take any notice of that availability and choose to buy it is your choice.

When considering iodine supplementation (from a state of iodine deficiency) you might care to dwell on this statement from :

We also document a large increase in thyroid related deaths following the countrywide adoption of iodized salt, which affected mostly older individuals in localities with high prevalence of iodine deficiency.

As for selenium...

Just watched the whole episode, compulsive viewing, thanks for the link Heloise. Just says it all about the importance of diet to staving off ill health and healing disease. The case studies are varied yet make for compelling viewing. Last week I sat in a hospital pharmacy in Saudi, ticket in hand waiting for my supplements and couldn't believe the multi-story packs of drugs being shifted off shelves to patients. The experience was much akin to an IKEA flat pack purchase. Frightening!

And people are not becoming aware. It's really sad. Londinium included some interesting links in her reply. Marz also posted an article by Kelly Brogan and the lies perpetuated by the research. There is just too much corruption but I'm hoping this movement will open eyes. Unfortunately, many are so loyal to their doctor, they can't.

Hi Heloise. Just watched The Magic Pill on Netflix. I thought it was wonderful and very moving. Thank you for recommending 😘

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Heloise in reply to LiziBG

People should not have to suffer when the truth is out there. I'm so glad you are eager to find it. Me, too!

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