Crisis in nutrition! (interesting video)

I suddenly saw the light. This adds up with any health issues. Treatment based on statistics might sound like a good idea and it might look good on paper. You all know the story! A person with thyroid issues is given a certain medication because it looks good on a paper. Blood levels improve, and on a paper it really looks like the patient is cured. In the big picture it is not relevant whether patient feels good, as long as blood tests backs up the statistics. I assume this is because medical companies are looking for profit, not curing people.

Unfortunately when doctors are trained by medical companies they are not trained to treat us as individuals. In some cases when we end up thinking doctors dont care, it might be because they just dont know nor understand.

This is how they sell statins, they make statistics looks better than the reality.

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  • I liked this. Thanks for the link. :)

  • He's saying what a lot of us have thought for a long while. But I'm so glad he gave up his career as a stand-up comedian! lol

    Thanks for the link. :)

  • They know, believe me they know exactly what they are doing! Creating more victims for the big pharmaceutical companies in line with not losing their freebies!

  • Very interesting thank you.

  • Thanks for posting this. i have just joined a Type2together , Diabetes UK group on behalf of my special needs son who has Type 2 Diabetes. I feel I am going to be biting my tongue back most of the time because it is still being pushed that carbohydrates are still important!

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