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weight loss...or not as the case may be?

Hi All, I am really struggling to lose weight, i have just done the Camebridge diet the Sole Source programme yet too know avail. i lost 1 lb and it cost be £80.. and yes i stuck to it lol...

I think it would be good if we share our stories so we can help one another in this battle of weight loss. What diets work...

Im on 150mml of thyroixn does this stop us loseing weight????

And why is most of the fat on our tummy's. i look pregnant..

Come on share your story... HELP ....

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Hiya Debs, I really struggled with my weight having put on nearly two stone in just over 8 months, then I joined Slimming World and haven't looked back since. I have lost the two stone and am now at my target weight of 9st 12lb and at 5' 2" and 58 years of age I find this is right for me. With Slimming World it is not a diet but a healthy way of eating, you can choose the foods you eat, there is none of this weighing and measuring which my fog brain can't cope with. I find it a really easy option and it worked for me....

Up until two weeks ago I was also on 150mcgs but after my last blood test the Doctor wrote to me and told me to reduce this to 100 mcgs which I have done but I am not happy about it.... but there lies another story.

Give it ago Debs you've got nothing to lose except the weight...... Good Luck x

<b>Updated on Sep 2 2010 9:59AM:</b> p.s has you can see from my profile photo... I still eat ice cream !!


Yes the fat is on the tummy but hey I am on 25mg a day and my tummy has almost returned to normal. I never diet but always make sure the input matches the output - yes boring but exercise is the key. I invested in a heart monitor and make sure the heart rate is above 130 for 30 minutes each day (you must perspire) and I have a pedometer to ensure I am walking 10,000 per day. You need to find healthy food that you enjoy and NO SNACKING. I stick to good breakfast of cereal (non wheat variety) portion of fruit - blueberries at present and a fat free yoghurt and a latte. This sustains me till lunch. Lunch may be my main meal or it may be 4 fruits with yoghurt. One whole apple; one whole orange; one whole banana; two kiwis (when the government says 5 portions a day they do not mean half portions) Takes time o chomp through that lot. Main meal will be chicken with 2 veg. small potato or cauliflower cheese or salmon steak or pasta bake. Never do I eat red meat. Monday to Friday dessert is always a yoghurt and berries. Saturday and Sunday I indulge in a naughty chocolate pudding. Works for me. My fluid intake is always fresh coffee/latte and water. I do not enjoy fizzy drinks or fruit juices. Never eat after 6pm.

Make sure you are taking your pills on a completely empty stomach and 30 mins before food that way they ar fully absorbed and you will be making use of your 150 thyroxin

Hope this helps


Hi Debs

Have you heard of the book 'Fat Around the Middle' by Marilyn Glenville? You may find it interesting. We have it in our Library if you would like to borrow it. :-)

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know what you mean about the weight issues. I lost a stone after my hysterectomy, and found I could eat anything and not put weight on - I attributed it to me ovaries going and not suffering PMT anymore. However, one dodgy thyroid later and hello hips and belly - they're back. I'm not overweight by any means - 5 foot 1 and 9 stone 2, but the only way I am avoiding putting on more is by watching everything I eat and it's no fun. I have read that we do best on an Atkins style diet (lots of fat and protien) but worried about the effect on my heart etc, as the thyroid problems have given me high cholesterol, despite a really healthy diet. It's a grim state of affairs....


Hi Debs, I quit smoking last Dec because of high blood pressure and TIA's so went to Slimming World at the same time. Didnt want the weight. Anyway I was also diagnosed as hypothyroid and managed to lose almost 2 stone. Its not a complicated way of eating, no sugar, no fat, also no cereal, bread. You can eat as much pasta, potatoes, bananas, rice that you want. Cost me a fiver a week, but once you get your target weight free. I would say that it is worth trying, because you are eating some carbohydrates and I am not sure about fat and protein. Eating a lot of fat is definitely not the way to go I think. Youll end up with high cholestrol, etc. Best of luck Debs, but as I said, this worked for me and I am 64. Carol


l really recommend the Mary J shoman book ..the Thyroid diet,manage your metabolism for lasting weight loss..

l have hashimotos along with LOTS of allergys..and this book has helped me ALOT.there are three food plans

1.the free form plan( not recomended if you are carb sensitive)

2.the carb sensitive plan ( mostly protein and low-glycemic veg,starches and

a serving of fruit..( no calorie


3.the calorie sensitive plan..

l have following the carb sensitive plan.

l have lost a bit! not a lot BUT l HAVENT PUT ON ANY!my Armour/prenenalone and dhea are not at the best levels at the

moment so l dont expect to loose or burn any as and when they are better balanced l know l will loose as l did last year when my tablets were to high and l

lost three stone!

one other thing my dr emailed me with..

he knows how limited my diet is and knows l was pigging out ,grazing on fruit..

he said that the fruit high in fructose turns to fat (and why my tryglicerides are sky high)he sent me a list of fructose values in fruit..etc l can eat 10 plums or 1 pear rather than go on here l will type in the list tomorrow..water melon is very high and dried figs are the what lm saying is you might think your being healthy eating fruit..but maybe the wrong fruit..


Hi Debs09, I'm so with you on this one, done them all, weight watchers, slimming world even Rosemary Conley, I even bought some green tea and colon cleanser over the internet, lost 6lbs but managed to put it back on three weeks later, with interest. I'm now waiting to hear if I can get funding for weight loss surgery, 9 stone is a whole other person to lose but somehow I'm determined to get there. I'd be interested in anything you have success with.


Oh Lord what a mountain I have to climb. I am awaiting the results of all my bloods by the Endo but I have put-on 4 stones and I was already tall, big and overweight before this flared up. My fat is all over now but I do have a huge belly like I am 9 months. I can't spend the rest of my life this size ..think Dawn zfrench at five foot has become a disability. I've notputiton by the amount I eat but I do admit with depression and I had 18 mths suspended from work before this flared all in all 2 years of getting bigger and big get and iller and iller . I had naively hoped that with a diagnosis would come treatment and weight loss !

It's just dawning on me that nothing is ever going to be the same again.......intuition has told me that a major dietary shift was I guess it's Mary Shomen for me.

Supposing I do get a hypo diagnosis what is the treatment of choice...supposing I get any say in it.


<b>Updated on Sep 3 2010 11:49AM:</b> Debs I have as much as you to we ain't on our own!,


through my own experience dieting isn't the only many people with thyroid problems ,especially hashimotos, have food allergys.lm not one of these food faddy people and used to eat ALL l could.but after diagnoses and then seeing my private dr he did a lot of blood tests..l was first told l was soya intolerant.and we know that soya is a NO NO for the thyroid.l had been drinking it for 19years as my second child was dairy intolerent, l had to switch to soya, as l made her ill while breast feeding her . after cutting out the soya my arms and legs, which had been so achy and painful for years were, within a week painfree (l mean it)!l am gluten intolerent along with dairy and eggs,all grains beans and pulses garlic and bananna's ( to name but a few)l am now aware that if l now eat ANYTHING with these in the ingredients l am really out of sorts more foggy and ache all over. when l eat rice l fall asleep straight away!my dr says that when you eat a food that you are intollerant to your body retains fluid to try and and break it down.its probably why so many people who do the atkins diet loose weight (me included) as you are cutting out some major carbs bread ect!l dont think the atkins is very good for you..and puts lots of preasure on your bodys organs trying to break down the fats you can eat LOTS OF!l do believe that trying an elimination diet would help many ,as who knows what your intollerent to..and l do think as l said before its the meds as well..l eat a really healthy diet now meat ,fish,salad and veg with low fructose fruit.and l havent lost weight in weeks.but when l up my armour by a bit a do loose weight.its just at the momment l am unable to tollerate my meds either..vit d . iodine(dreadful) maca,and many others make me hyper....l have been on dr joseph mercola's sight he gives good foody advice..and as l mentioned on my previous blog l follow molly on her blog ..she has managed to shift a load of weight and is an inspiration!her before and after pictures are looking so different!


hi Donna, I am a newcomer to this site and I have just read your post with interest - why hasn't a Doctor told me about soya ? and I am reading more and more about vit D deficiency in lots of hypo people.. inf act I am learning more and more with each new blog. So a big thankyou to you all. One thing though if you don't mind - would you point me in the direction of Molly's blog please. I would really love to read about her. Thank you. I am now going to look up Dr Joseph Mercola ( I have not heard of him before)

Thank you again x


hi mollys blog is at mollysthyroidjourney.blogsp...

sorry cant seem to get this as a link..she is doing the mary shomon diet and its working for her! the mercola site is his web site does seem to push stuff like his own supplements etc but there is a lot of stuff to read..l hadn't heard of him untill last dr sent me a fruit list ( fructose levels) and l asked where it came from and was there any books etc..l wentt on line and ended reading all day!l have ordered a book by him from amazon he has a life l will give it a read and let all know what he suggests!its funny l hadn't heard of him then l started to read a book and then his name

popped up init! l have just finished Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfields book YOUR THYROID and how to keep it healthy.. its very good , written, so its easy to understand it explains all about the thyroid and adrenals with lots of advice in how to help yourself ..a chapter on vitamins and supplements..he says about vit C along with others...

l also read ( l know l keep plugging her! but her site and her books are so informative!) Mary j shomons book

living well with hypothyroidism..what drs dont tell you

....that you need to know is her site....

happy surfing! the more you read the more you know! even, as in my case you have to read it so many times ,so that you can not only understand it but remember some!for that day at least! for the next its slid out of my brain and l start AGAIN!hope this might be of help!


hi yes we can loose weight i go to slimming world i lost 4 stone with them its just takes time recently i have put a stone on as my thiroid has gone mad and we have doubled my dose of thirixin i knew there was prob when i hadent changed my diet an increased my exercise an i put a stone on

<b>Updated on Sep 5 2010 10:21PM:</b> slimming world red or extra easy is the way to go its ace xx


Thanks for all the info Donna......... and sorry for the late response from me. I read your post was gonna say Thanks then got reading something else and whoooops.......... memory failure (again)

Take care x


Hi Pinki1978. Thanks for your reply. I am going to look into slimmimng world.. not sure what red days are ? It does seem that slimming world is the most effective for thyroid patients.. i shall give you informed of my progress and tips please forward lol... many thanks to all who have blogged, its nice to know we are not alone...


hiya Debs........... you won't regret joining Slimming World... the red and green days will be explained on your first visit......... and join the website (it's free to members) you get loads of ideas and all the motivation you need. let us know how you get on.

Good Luck x


sleep is important to weight loss

poor sleep = no weight loss


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