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How to Balance Hormones


Sorry for all the posts today. Can any one point me in the direction of supplements to help with hormone imbalance i.e. estrogen and progesterone other than what your GP might prescribe? Wondering ig Evening Primrose Oil is worth considering? I have a few others issues to look at like vitamins which i know i am deficient in but could really use some help right now. Doctor gave me the progesterone only pill which i tried for a very short time but i feel this has made matters worse.

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I was recommended DIM complex by a Functional Practitioner for symptoms of menopause. Good for balancing oestrogen and progesterone and used for heavy periods. Also good for detoxing. Eating cruciferous veggies is a source of DIM complex. I use Best Naturals brand.

lc1973 in reply to Scazzoh

Thanks scazzoh. I'll look this up. Did you find it helpful?

Scazzoh in reply to lc1973

Yes, very.

Hi Ic1973, a little thought on Evening Primrose Oil before you try it, it made me gain weight. I kept gaining as long as I took it and then the weight started to drop off as soon as I stopped. As far as I know most people don't experience this but I thought you might like to bear it in mind in case you gained weight and thought it was connected with the thyroid worsening.

Cheerio for now :)

lc1973 in reply to thyr01d

Interesting Thyr01d. Thanks for telling me...cant afford to put any more weight on! Hope you are okay?

I'm doing well thanks, though mildly annoyed because one of my neighbours has signed for a delivery, worth £500, and has not owned up! D***** annoying that Hermes delivered to the wrong house when I was in and rotten luck they chose the dishonest neighbours!

Ah well, compared with all our struggles with hypothyroid, it's a small thing.

You keep going, I saw someone had given you a helpful reply about hormones, so I hope you soon see improvement.

lc1973 in reply to thyr01d

It is annoying re delivery. Happened to me before but managed to get a replacement item. Hopefully I'll get sorted one day. You seem to be going on all right,?

Sorry IC1973, rather overwhelmed with work and this GDPR so didn't reply before. Yes, thank-you, I am going on well now. Thyroid meds seem right though like you I think my female hormones are not (body changes, hair patterns and very pale skin where before it was pink) though I always have low ferritin which could perhaps be the cause. Those are small things though, I feel so, so much better than I did before, just having a few days of feeling sad and despondent because I'm supposed to be on holiday and instead am working too much.

Please forgive the moan!

I think you will get sorted, you must be getting closer because you keep at it and keep asking questions. Isn't this site and the people on it wonderful!

lc1973 in reply to thyr01d

Hi there. Yes, know the feeling re work. We're off for a couple of weeks after Friday. I'm afriad i dont think i am getting any nearer getting sorted to be honest. The weight is really getting me down. My other half has a very simplistic view of it all and say if i eat less i will lose weight! lol! i dont think he understands the hashimotos or low vitamins etc.

Try and get your holiday. Speak soon x

Oh, I so understand that, I used to find it really upsetting when people were so sure that eating less I would lose weight ... if only! Dr P says eating too little/dieting can trigger thyroid problems. One thing I've been told (the great GreyGoose probably) is that we need calories for the conversion of T4 to T3 and my understanding is that too little T3 can lead to weight gain. Since we do converting while sleeping (not exclusively I don't think) - are you getting enough sleep? (Or too little bearing in mind we know this is also linked with weight gain!) Can we win?

Best of luck, as always.

lc1973 in reply to thyr01d

That will get grey goose. She's great and she's right. Thanks for your message.

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