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Can high blood pressure pills cause headaches because I’ve been getting them for three days in a row off and on so I didn’t take it today and no headache. Will call Doctor tomorrow on this but weird cause I’ve been on this medication for a month. I’m hypo and not taking any meds since Specialist told me my TSH was 5.81aand don’t go back for another blood work in 3 weeks and said nothing for it cause it could turn on me. Thanks

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I can’t answer your question accept to say I’ve just been having bad headaches and we have had very severe storms and I do get them quite badly before a storm breaks ... something in the build up affects me


Rmichelle in reply to Hather

You are very right about the thunderstorm link as it does affect peoples health the run up to a storm but sara is in the USA so has not had the storms there-im assuming she has not anyway?

I start thinking it’s probably cause of my Thyroid level... I hate blaming everything on my Thyroid but I’m just not use to getting headaches or sick. I have been sneezing lately but no fever, and my nose has been a little runny but not much. Oh and no thunderstorms here in Texas. I love this forum cause here in the United States I read and feel this forum is more knowledgeable than the ones here in the United States that’s why I get on here. Thanks so much.

My husband had to be tried on several BP meds until they arrived at two that suited him. One that he tried was making him cough a lot ! There are apparently plenty of alternatives and it's not uncommon to have to try a few until you arrive at the right one for you.

I really think you need to get a printout of your blood results re thyroid and put another post up.

Rmichelle in reply to DeeD123

If you go into sara's bio you will see her history on there, plus any recent tests etc-i just thought i would let you know as you are probably new and may not know about it.😊😊😊

Thanks for always being helpful, you don’t know how much it has meant to me. Thanking God for you.😊❤️

Thats ok sara its no problem-everyone here will listern and help you across the miles🌟🌟

Hi there again sara, i take it your gp still wont prescribe meds for your thyroid then-with a tsh 5.81 thats shocking!! I really do think you should find another specialist who will treat you, they may do things different in the America but did the gp give you a blood pressure monitor to take home for 7 days before prescribing meds for your blood pressure as a one of reading at her surgery is not always accurate? I always had elevated blood pressure at my gp surgery(white coat syndrome) but my readings were normal at home so i did not need any meds, just wondered?? My mother-in-law has bp problems had has had continuos headaches on her tablets and cannot find one at present that suits so she has to take a pain killer each day-hope you sort it.😊😊

I went through a lot of reviews on encrologist (did I spell it right?) yesterday and the horror stories are just unbelievable here, that the one with the best reviews is my encrologist my Specialist I even tried looking for others closer to town on the smaller towns, and found one but he is accused of sexual assault and his liscence is expired. I don’t understand how my Specialist has such high reviews if she has left me with no medication for my level, as she said that if she gives me something for my hypo it could turn on me. I’m still looking, as my Doctor requested an ultrasound on my Thyroid a month ago but never got called on my results so I’m sure it’s not bad news.

I feel for you but you are entitled to them results of your scan!! Call her and ask what they were or ask for a copy and get people here to interpret the results for you, it's your health not your doctors-i would be asking her by what she means by "turning on you" ask her what is her plan to treat you-its a fair question!! Ask her why she is not willing to trial you on some levo? .what is she expecting to see in a months time? You are paying for this sara. Its such a shame-could you travel further out of texas?

I will have to travel further to bigger Cities than here to look for a Specialist, and yes I will need a copy of my ultrasound on my Thyroid since no one has called as to my results, would like to know even if it’s doing good otherwise I know if not they should had notified me if it was bad news. How did it go with you Thyroid today with the Doctor? I was praying everything went well.

Ha what a plonker my endo is-it did not go well at all and he inspired no hope!! However i am to reduce my meds now to 2.5mgs every other day so i can try and feel better.😊😊

Yes I was like that at one time before she took me off of them... well then she went to once Monda and once Friday till she said no more, well I was Hypo even before the reduction on the Methamizole. Hope soon you be off them and go into remission. Thanks, I’m glad it’s been reduced.

Im glad on that too-did you spend 18 months on meths then? endo wants me to stay on titration doses until feb 2019.x

Started Methamizole on August 2016 and it’s been like 20 months on it. So far no headache today just had a little runny nose once and a couple of sneezes I was supposed to get my heart checked( after so many times and they never find anything) I didn’t go, don’t get that much skipped beats just noticed it happens when I’m upset.

You know the encrologist told me that she doesn’t believe it’s high blood Pressure I have she thinks it’s because I get anxiety and nervous that my Blood Pressure goes up but my Doctor thinks it’s high blood pressure. But yesterday I didn’t take it in the Morning and no headache and felt good but took it at night and that headache came back... have pain in the back of my head right now, and I can’t take meds for a headache cause I’ll probably make it worse.

Hey could you not get a blood pressure monitor for 1 week, i take it then gp prescribed the tablets with just a one off reading? They dont usually do that in the uk.😊

She took it twice that day and said she believed the anxiety increased it. Plus her nurse took it while I was on the examination table with both my legs dangling instead of with both my legs on the floor, and said she couldn’t hear it that good. But yes I will have to get a heart pressure monitor, twice the Doctor said she will prescribe one but then says no let’s see how it goes on next visit with your high blood Pressure.

If it was me sara i would want to test it at home and then give the gp or nurse the readings and then decide, its a bit difficult at a doctors office as we all feel nervous and hyped up and it dies not give a accurate result-cant you ring her today and say you want a monitor?.xx

Hey it must be early hours in texas? Its 9.10am here, i have my endocrine appt today at 3pm i will travel 50 miles for that. Maybe you shiuld try and sleep now as lack of sleep can make a headache worse.x

True and thanks so much. Please let me know how it goes at your appointment. Yes you are traveling far. I’ll be looking for your post. In my prayers. XOXO


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