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Hashimoto’s - gluten free

Hi everyone. I’m slowly but surely moving to gluten free because of Hashi’s but one thing I wanted to ask. I noticed that bone broth is recommended to heal the gut but I’m vegetarian. Are there any alternatives to bone broth that anyone can recommend? Any specific supplements? (I currently take BetterYou B12 Boost and D3/K2 spray, ingennus Super B, and Jarrow’s sublingual methyl B-12 in addition to zinc and selenium)

I’m waiting to get my coeliac test results but definitely going to go 100% gluten free.

Thank you in advance!


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Hi, found these for you

Good luck with going gluten free. It might be worth joining Coeliac UK even if you aren’t coeliac. They have a wonderful handbook listing loads of GF foods and ingredients, a very good helpful website and a magazine. It’s wirth it to get you started.


Thank you very much for this x


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