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Help with sourcing T3 urgently required

Help with sourcing T3 urgently required

Good morning all,

I am in desperate need to source T3,

I had an appointment with my Endo in January and he said his hands are tied and cannot supply them for me anymore, even though he understands I need them,

Before I went to see him I told my gp I was going away on holiday so ordered 2 months supply (never really went away! But I knew what was coming)

I told my Endo what I had done and he suggested taking just half in the mornings, to make them stretch further, it didn’t take long before I started going downhill especially as they changed the brand from MP to Teva

When it gets to about 1pm I’m absolutely good for nothing...

I also lost my dear mum last year and struggle every day coping with this, my gp has said I’m suffering with ptsd and anxiety and am currently on 150 mg sertraline

I have 1 bottle of T3 left, please could you PM me of how to source T3

Will an nhs precipitation do or will I have to get a private one etc,

I have friends in Portugal and Spain, and a friend who’s an air steward who does long haul and is happy to get them for me if he can, but I have no idea of what T3 is called in other countries

I absolutely can not the thought of being without my T3, I’ve told my gp there’s no point of me living without them

I have attached bloods that were done in December

Any help at all will be so greatly appreciated x

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So sorry to hear about the loss of your mum. I will pm you.


Thank you x


I would just like to thank everyone that private messaged me

You have all been a huge help xx


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