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I am currently on 2.5mg carbimazole ( for the last 5 weeks) and coming up to my year of being on carbimazole my last bloods (5weeks ago) tsh 2.71 (0.27-4.2) ft4 16 (12-22) ft3 4.6 (3.1-6.8) I'm due to get my bloods done end of next week.

I feel so much more like my old self but am so fed up of waking up everyday feeling ill, though I have to keep reminded myself I have gone from 20 ish symptoms to only a few! this last week I have really suffered with bad exhaustion like it's abit of a struggle to get up and walk around as my legs feel a little weak and I feel slightly light headed. I have also been quite emotional as I just don't want to do anything (very unlike me!) My palpitations have improved 95% since dropping but I still have the odd moment where I can feel or hear my heart, its normally in the morning. I am wondering if I still do not have enough thyroid hormone in my body to function? And I really hope that it's not the case that my levels have gone back hyper. I am on a short dose of anti biotics for a tooth infection but the exhaustion started before that.

I do not see my endo for another ten days and would like to actually go outside and enjoy this sunshine so any advice would be greatly appreciated. ☺️

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Sounds like it’s been going well until now. Lisa. Maybe it’s something to do with your recent infection and any associated stress, hopefully no more than a blip.

For now, I would concentrate on getting out into the fresh air and sunshine as much as possible, even if you just sit reading a book, or enjoying a glass of something cold and delicious - at the very least, I would bet it lifts your mood a bit.

If you’re still feeling really bad after the weekend, you could maybe ask for your blood test to be brought forward - but I guess you may already be out of time to do much about this, or bringing the endo appointment forwards.

Lisa254 in reply to Valarian

Thanks valerian ☺️ Well it has been a bumpy old road but I'm just thankful my results have always come back in the 'normal' range but I have been far from normal, I'm hoping this is the light at the end of the tunnel now and I can finally get off the carbimazole and reclaim my life!

It's so nice out and your right some of it is your mood sunshine always helps! I do actually feel better than I did yesterday I just wish it would go away it maybe the side effects of my dose drop still ....hope your out enjoying the sunshine

Valarian in reply to Lisa254

My endo did say to me at one point that sometimes, as our thyroid levels drop, we actually miss some bits if being hyper - we sort of get used to living part of our lives at a frenetic pace, even if we then drop from exhaustion. ‘Normal’ can feel a bit flat.

Lisa254 in reply to Valarian

Yes that makes so much sense!, it's a new type of normal that I'm beginning to accustom to! this last year has definitely opened my eyes to my life of 150 mph doing a million things in a day and to sit on the sofa for more than ten minutes just wasn't in my make up....if only I knew then what an impact on my life it would have I would of slowed down ! But who knows if this is the cause 😬 I'm now looking at my friends and thinking just take an eve to relax ... I'm so good at it now 😂

Rmichelle in reply to Valarian

I think you hit the nail on the head there-it is very true😊😊 great advice valarian.xx

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