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Almost hypo?

Hi, I'm new here

I had a blood test in March which showed that my thyroid levels were at the lower limit of normal. This is supposed to be tested again in 6 months.

Recently I had what seemed to be some sort of virus, (felt like a cold coming on, but no coughing or sneezing, with some dizziness that is now better). Also my blood pressure was up, but was almost back to normal when tested last week (140/80+, from over 164/94 at highest). The nurse who tested the BP said I've already had all the possible blood tests and it was probably the result of a virus.

However, ALL the symptoms I'm getting now (some were present already but have got worse or happen more often or for longer) seem to point to hypothyroidism. They tend to come and go but usually last for several hours or even most of the day, before getting better in the evening. The main ones are:

"Fuzzy" head, inability to concentrate for long, a strange sort of tiredness as if my energy just runs out and makes me unable to function normally, a feeling of swelling around the eyes and sometimes whole head, breathlessness on exercise, clumsiness, slowness (this message has taken over half an hour to compose and I'm tired out!), hoarse voice. This seems to happen more if I'm under slight "stress" of having to concentrate more than usual - as yesterday when I met friends in town. Enjoyable but exhausting. Yet I felt better on reaching home.

I'm supposed to go back to the nurse on Tuesday to have a 24 hour BP monitor, but doubt if that will help much.

I'm concerned that perhaps nobody will listen and I will have to go on like this for the next six months at least!

Please can anyone give advice on what to do?


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The first thing to do is get hold of print-outs of your blood test results - ask at reception. If you live in the UK, it is your legal right to have copies.

my thyroid levels were at the lower limit of normal

You need to know which levels they were - TSH, FT4 or FT3. Just saying they were at the lower limit of normal doesn't tell anybody very much. You need the numbers : results and ranges. Post them on here and let's have a look. :)


Thanks, going to do that asap, and take in the letter when I go on Tuesday for BP moniter - probably quicker than posting, with bank holiday on Monday


You don't have to ask by letter, just ask verbally at reception. :)

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Oh, that's good. I thought someone on another discussion said you had to have a letter. Maybe that's only if it's something they don't really want you to know, as in a malpractice case


Well, I suppose there could be cases where you're required to write a letter, but normally, people just ask at reception. :)

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