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Levothyrioxitine dose correct?

Can anyone advise me please. I have an underactive thyroid and was on 125mg for a couple of years. Had a blood test and was called in by doc as thyroid was going underactive so had been told to increase to 150mg. Went back to doc yesterday to check level and the doc said , all fine my TSH is 0.7.

I was told by my consultant that my TSH level should be between 0.1 to is 0.7 ok? Or should I increase my tablets (levothyrioxitine) ?

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Hi Alison1234. How do you feel?


I feel fine...just wanted to make sure the dose was correct


The usual advice on this forum is that the TSH should be below 1 if you are on Levothyroxine, which yours is. However, it is how you feel which matters the most. Have you had your T4 and T3 tested as these are the hormones which your thyroid gland produces? Why are you seeing a consultant, as most people are treated by their G.P. unless there are complications. Could you post the results with the ranges (the numbers in brackets) and you will get some good advice?

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What matters is what your freet3 level is in relation to freet4

And how you feel

TSH is irrelevant


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