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24 hour ecg monitor result and iron referral-gp appt just.🌟🌟🌟

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Hi all again i have just had my gp appointment to sort out 2 things, 1st one was about my 24 hour monitor results, gp said they were normal but they have said at intervals my heart did do extra beats (ectopic?)and a slight rise in sinus rythum at intervals but they are happy no further investigation- i was referred because i have been experiencing palps and breathlessness, tremblimg at times, i am also very iron deficient and the symptons could also be down to iron defiency and also my thyroid meds-carbimazole, gp said they are nothing to worry about as they can be caused by tea, coffee, meds etc-should i persist with further investigation ?? Anyone else out there with extra heatbeats? did you get extra tests?

I am also being referred to GI now ( i am also celiac) as my iron levels need investigating even though gp thought that my levels were ok they were 10 back in january and have managed to raise them to 27 after 3 months-gp did say it does not matter where you sit in range aslong as you are in that range-i did say "thats like saying wherever you sit in that range then you should feel great? So if im at 27 and ive also previously been 100 then i will feel the same!!" He did not answer. i think i got my point across. 😨 he did say a serum iron test is not needed as i have had a fbc and mcv and mch are under so iron deficient. Serum iron is more for anemia!! Why are gps all the same -originally i thought that i had found a good gp, im thinking different. Any advice on heart matter?

I did ask gp for a prescription of iron ferrous gluconate as i can tolerate this better-i take floravital liquid at present as this agrees but it only lasts 2 weeks at Β£10.99 and gp suggested doubling my dose, i was hoping to get it on prescription but no chance.πŸ˜•

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I have quite bad ectopics at times, I get runs of nine throughout any 24 hours, they are considered a normal occurrence and nothing to worry about. Stressing about them just makes it worse, when you feel it happening taking a deep breath can help.

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Thankyou bantam just wondered if i needed to pursue further 😊😊 i'll try with the deep breath but im breathy anyway with this iron def. Im not too worried just wondered if gp was clued up on needing to send me elsewhere!.x


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