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Which tests do you recommend?

Hi everyone - I'm about to have my blood tests repeated to see how my thyroid and antibodies are behaving after almost six months of the Auto Immune Paleo diet - which I have stuck to but probably had a little more honey and fruit than recommended. Just wondering, in an ideal world, which blood tests you would request - particularly any that shed light on hair loss? Vain I know but I miss my hair and I've just had another big loss and am freaking out. A wig shop has just opened in my area and I feel like it's a bad omen!!!I Thanking you in advance :)

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Hi - sorry you haven't had a reply.

You could ask your GP to test TSH, FT4, FT3 and recheck TPO & Tg antibodies to see if the diet has perhaps helped (your TPO was raised indicating you have autoimmune thyroiditis usually 'Hashimoto's').

Us thyroidies tend to be low in vital minerals so for starters test iron/ferritin B12 & folate & vitamin D, - if you're supplementing the levels should reflect this. B vitamins - B12 and biotin are often culprits for hair loss, but avoid taking biotin a few days before testing.

If you GP won't test you can get a private comprehensive thyroid panel (home test kit) e.g. Medichecks who have a discount on Thursdays. Jane :D

Edit - recent post about iron too


Thanks for your response - decided to see a different GP (in Australia) and he seemed great so far - am getting test for all of the above plus the MTHFR gene test. It was so good not having to argue for what I believe I need to have tested! Thanks again for your reply :)

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