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burning feet/legs Low FreeT3 . Docs not interested.Should I go to Endo? Seen Rhuematologist and Rhuematologist


No joy today. Lots of tests done with Rheumo and Neuro consultants. Not interested in B12 active test which shows need further investigating (40.5) Range 25-165 and free t3 3.7 (3.1 - 6.8). Still tingling/burning/vibrating through body. shortness of breath. legs ache intensely just walking up stairs. Fatigued. Few nodules on thyroid from ultrasound. Taking supplements. Now suffering heartburn. Hearing loss dropped 3x now deaf one ear.Tested for peripheral neuropathy. Dry eyes. echocardiogram and ecg normal. Seriously considering private Endo now as I have symptoms of both B12 and thyroid. Anyone any suggestions??

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I had burning and tingling in my feet until I got my thyroid levels sorted out and also got T3 prescribed. I would guess you are definitely hypo, as yours is low. What about other tests for thyroid? Did they only do free T3? Very odd. It is usually the test they refuse to do.

eddie1952 in reply to Hennerton

Hi Hennerton I had to pay privately for my B12 'active' which is most accurate as the NHS only do inactive which was 'normal'. (like them all!!) So I had all the 6 thyroid tests done but because the TSH and T4 were normal the NHS don't want to know about private tests as they only concentrate on these two. My TSH was 1.42, Free T4 15.68, Total T4 102.8 thyroglobulin antibody less than 10 (00-115) thyroid peroxide antibodies 14.56 (00-34.00)

Hennerton in reply to eddie1952

I hope someone will reply who knows how to deal with this. All my problems stem from having thyroidectomy and so I have never had to beg for replacement hormone. They cannot refuse me. It is the only upside of having no thyroid! Your other results are not dire but I think your thyroid is probably failing but not badly enough to show on tests. Years ago you would have been treated on symptoms alone...

Sorry not to be more helpful.

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