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As you know bloods have been borderline nhs ranges. Saw endo today. He didn't think I had hypothyroidism said a good percentage of population could have all the symptoms doesn't mean they have thyroid problems. Didn't ask me any questions. But he did prescribe 50mg of Levo for 3 months to see if they relieve the symptoms. So fingers crossed and hope they work. I've also seen cardiologist says I need a pacemaker...

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I don't suppose you were told to take it on an empty stomach with a full glass of water and then nothing more than water, breakfast in an hour? There are a few more fo's and don'ts as well so read up on the Thyroid Uk site for further info. Also when you are retested no meds for 24 hours and as early as you can on the morning and fasted. Doctor may tell you otherwise but it's a patient to patient tip as you don't want to be making the tests look better as you want to project the worsed you could be without the right medication.

No I haven't got it yet I have to wait for GPS to write it up. Thanks for the tips.

Hi silverfox7. I Took my first Levo 6 am breakfast 10am. I haven'the had any advice from Dr or chemist. Do you know if ok to take my vitamins and furosimide after a few hours. ?

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