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Is this possible Addison's? Got low saliva cortisol results back

Is this possible Addison's? Got low saliva cortisol results back

I've not been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and am therefore on no medication but I have been testing various things as feel EXHAUSTED all the time, amongst other things.

October last year my morning serum cortisol was in range but this week my saliva cortisol in the morning was low and medichecks said to retest in a month and it could be an indication for addisons disease.

Do i book a GP appointment now or do I retest as per medichecks?

Also, I wake multiple times in night for my young child. Will this mess up the results if its meant to be a waking saliva test? I did it around 9ish before breakfast.

Oct 2017 AM serum CORTISOL 238.000 nmol/l 133.00 -537.00

Appreciate any comments thanks everyone :)

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I can't diagnose but are your results low enough for Addisons? Only the first one is below range, the 3rd one is actually half way through range, and the 4th one doesn't really tell you anything other than it's not at the very top of range.

My understanding of the waking sample is to take it before you get out of bed for the day but you could always check with Medichecks as your circumstances are slightly different.

What other tests have you had done? Have you posted results on the forum for comment?

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Your am cortisol done iin Oct 2017 is on the low side if it was done around 9am, at that time it should be around 500nmol/l. Salival tests are good at picking up high cortisol but not so good for lower ones. It would be worth asking your GP to repeat the 9am blood cortisol & to refer you to an Endo (one who understands adrenal/pituitary issues) for further testing with a synacthen test.

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