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How do i ask for a thyroid test?

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Hi All

Im new to this forum, i dont even know where to start. Im currently sat in my doctors waiting room trying to psych myself up to plead my case to have my thyroid tested. Since the age of 4 I've had a consistent wait issue and been told that I'm just fat and need to eat less and lose weight. Theres never been a time that i have been to the doctors where they haven't blamed my weight for the issue. The frustration for me comes from never really being heard. Ive had generic blood tests where ive been told theres no issue with my thyroid except my symptoms seem consistent with an underactive thyroid. Does anyone have any advice with how to move forward?

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I am sorry that you do not appear to have received a timely response to your post/question - or perhaps you got an answer on another post or in a Private Message? Please feel free to post a new question if you wish. Posts are sometimes missed as it is so busy. Or maybe no-one who read it was able to answer?

Please do not feel the need to respond.

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