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Codeine and paracetamol

TOH has some of these for toothache and I have just strained my back before going on holiday. The blurb in the box says that those with hypothyroidism should not take the pills; has anyone heard of this/have an explanation as to why. I’d have thought that if one is taking adequate thyroid replacement (T3 in my case) they would not technically be hypothyroid.

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I'm hypothyroid ( diagnosed c.14 years ago), and take levothyroxin , and have taken ( prescribed by GP) cocodomol with theses two drugs for chronic pain for ten years daily, so presume it's ok. Anything to take the edge off and get to sleep!


think they're covering their asses. I too have taken these prescribed combos for quite a while!


Have taken that combo with levo for years with no ill effects.


Hmm, I thought as much. Thank you for your replies.


Have taken these for years as I get bad migraine headaches. I would only suggest moderation, and maybe try something to massage into the sore back muscles too.

Too many cocodamol can cause constipation amongst other things, and your body will get used to them, so that you feel you need more.


Thanks, MariLiz, I was only thinking of taking one if my back was particularly painful. Generally I do not take any painkillers as the constant pain I have is low-level and bearable and I don’t like masking the problem. Thankfully my back problem is only muscular and stems from too much farm work too young.


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