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Private doctors around belfast


I don’t know if I should write in here, I’ve been holding off but I need answers lol!

I’m 22 and for 4half years I’ve had really bad bloating (I mean I look pregnant most of the time) it went away for a good while and came back now In October 2017 and won’t go away, I’ve put on 2 stone in the last 2 months and I’m very active. Don’t eat gluten. I’m vegan. I pretty much eat a healthy plant based diet. They have checked my thyroid 5 times and they say it’s ok, basically they have checked everything they could think of and their answer to me was “maybe it’s all in your head” lol! I’ve now a lump at the bottom of my throat and they have told me if it’s not sore or red don’t be worry about it.. lol!

I’ve every single symptoms of hashimotos, they are going to check me for it again but I think I’m gonna go private and see someone who deals with all this more.

Sorry for the boring long paragraph!

Noelle x

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Have you got your test results? Them saying it's ok doesn't mean it is necessarily 😕 You can always get private blood tests via Thyroid Uk , link below

If you do the best ones are




ANTIBODIES, peroxidase and TGab




Vitamin d

These will give a good picture of what may be going on 🙂

Aargh just realised you're in Belfast... Not sure if you could use those labs?

As you can see from my profile I attend a private endocrinologist and work with a Functional Nutritionist on Skype. The tests are posted out. I’ve found the T3 and reverse T3 figures to be the transformative ones. The latter dictating if the body has gone into hibernation protective mode due to unforeseen stressors. Dr Suzy Cohen pharmacist has written a great article on this.

The GI map test identifies the RNA of the underlying pathogenic root cause and will be one the Functional practitioner utilises. Dr Isabella Wenz’s book on Hashimoto’s root cause is educational and empowering. Crucial to test and not guess

PM me if you want names of private Endo and Functional Nutritionist.

fibrolinda has mentioned tests below which are available but you need access to someone to draw blood for some. I believe this is now available through a private local hospital.

Best Wishes

Don’t forget to factor genetic predisposition to methylation blocks and not detoxing efficiently particularly if additional stressors are added in.

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