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Feeling angry


I have suffered since 2005 with what has turned out to be underactive thyroid which has only been controlled since 2015 after I found a similar group to this. I have had 3 years of no mood swings etc but recently a diagnosis of diverticulitis meant I could not keep my medication in. This is now solved but I am feeling so angry especially with my daughter who reacted by lining up replacements for my childcare of my grandchildren and had no faith I could sort it just said oh no you're going crazy again. I don't know what to do with my anger and I need advice please

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Do you have results you could share ? - ranges too. Sounds as if your T3 is low.

How much levo are you taking ? B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD - have they been tested ?

Do you have Hashimotos ? Any other medication ? Sorry lots of questions


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I have only in the last three weeks seen my endocrinologist and had all the necessary tests and they were all good. I see him privately and he does test T3 etc and I am confident that my levels are fine. I think this is the result of the injustice I feel I have been through and I need to find a way to deal with it. I have booked to see the time to talk team in the hope that talking is the key.

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Sorry you are having a difficult time.

Do you have copies of the results that are legally yours ? Having been on this forum for over six years I have lost count of the times members are told their results are fine. On digging deeper we learn they are not. Docs are happy for you to be in range - but where you are in range is key 😊

Do you have Hashimotos ? Vitamins & Minerals tested ? How much Levo are you taking ?

Your plan sounds good - only know from reading here that moods can dip when thyroid levels are off .... Also low B12 can affect emotions ....


Thyroxine was absolutely useless for me. I had ten years of mood swings, migraines constantly and was hospitalised three times. Since switching to NDT I have been absolutely fine mine take 60mg per day and felt really well until I got the diverticulitis and because of more frequent bowel movements I was not retaining the medication and could feel the high mood returning. I am now feeling much better because the diverticulitis is being handled to a certain extent by diet but it's the anger over what has happened that I am troubled by. I have no doubt that my thyroid is stable again

Perhaps tell your daughter that although she probably didn't mean it her words were hurtful and unhelpful at a time you really didn't need it. Then try to let it go and not influence/upset another second of your life. Don't let your thyroid steal anymore happiness and health then it already has - defy it.

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Thank you that is what I needed to hear

It's very difficult with thyroid conditions because they are so poorly understood. I've come to accept that other people cannot grasp it. I've let go of all the 'friends' that couldn't cope. If possible let go of your expectation that your daughter will understand or come round. Maybe you can build something new and more satisfying into your life while still making some time for grandchildren. It's better to focus on something new and positive than on resentment. Perhaps your daughter isn't coping with both the responsibilities of her family and supporting you when you were unwell. Maybe she is blaming your illness for her inability to cope? In any case, try to let go of anger by finding a new and positive focus.

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Thank you very much. This is another very helpful comment and I am very grateful because I have felt very alone up until this point


Some people have very strange ideas about illness and may not realise that it can run in families and are very insensitive to the person who needs their support.

Inbuilt anger wont make you feel any better and I don't know what to suggest, I know of someone who was so very angry about a situation and wrote pages and pages about how they felt and the injustice, and always had paper/pencil handy to write downt whatever was in their mind .

Many friends/family might not realise how you feel, what with being undiagnosed for so long and problems with meds and then rejected in some way by your daughter not realising what hypo really is. After all she could develop it herself as sometimes it does run in families.

You will be very hurt by your daughter's insensitivity but just ensure that the doctor allows you to get to an optimum dose.

I remember when my father came into the house after being at the doctors (I was very young) and said he had 'bronchitis' - which I had never heard of and clamped my hands over my mouth/nose to avoid any contamination. We can look back and laugh about it now.

I hope as your levothyroxine begins to work soon and that your doctor is knowledgeable.

I initially responded to your post as you mentioned Diverticulitis - and I have Crohns - diagnosed over 40 years ago after 6 months in hospital with Gut TB. So I was thinking along those lines of thinking we could have a discussion as I know gut health is closely linked to both the brain well being as well as thyroid health.

So please do not think I was being dismissive of your family problems - I am very sympathetic having experienced many similar and difficult family situations myself. Not helped by living here in Crete ....

So glad all your results are good and I hope all will be well in the future.

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