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Recommendations Urgently Needed

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I'm extremely ill with untreated hypothyroidism and exceptionally low cortisol. I'm desperate to start taking thyroid medication but I've been warned that I may have Addison's which would make it dangerous for me to take thyroid medication. I need a doctor who can help me safely navigate my adrenal and thyroid problems. I have Thyroid UK's list of doctors but have no idea who to choose?

If you can recommend a doctor, please send me a private message.

Thanks so much!


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It would help if you said which part of the country you live in? You say your cortisol levels are low - can you say what they were?

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Thanks lots for replying :)

I'm mostly housebound (by severe physical weakness) so I'm hoping to find a doctor who is willing to do skype or phone consultations so that's why I didn't mention my location.

Metabolized cortisol (total cortisol production) 1388 (normal range 2750 - 6500)

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