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Hello! I am new here but have decided to post because I need help decoding my lab results.

Bit about me...I am 24, female, and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism Jan 2017 after significant (and sudden) weight gain despite healthy, active lifestyle. I was a zombie--could sleep 14+ hours a night AND nap and still be tired.

In Jan 2017 was put of 50mcg levothyroxine and then increased to 75mcg in Oct 2017 after high TSH.

I was tested on 16 Jan 2018 and my results were:

TSH 0.16mU/L normal range 0.3-4.2mU/L

Free T4 23.4pmol/L normal range 12-22pmol/L

**My GP said that I needed to lower my levothyroxine dose back to 50 mcg since I am showing HYPER on the lab tests...however I was still HYPO symptomatic. I argued with her and kept my 75mcg in addition to requesting antibodies/free T3 testing.** of 14 March 2018 my results are:

TSH 3.02mU/L normal range 0.3-4.2mU/L

Free T4 21.5pmol/L nornal range 12-22pmol/L

Free T3 3.9pmol/L normal range 3.1-6.8pmol/L

Thyroid peroxidase Abs 371IU/mL normal range 0-34IU/mL

It is important to note that I am still struggling to lose weight (if not, gaining even..ugh) despite exercising 4 times a week for 2+ hours (weightlifting, running), and very healthy 1500 calorie diet (eggs, spinach, chicken breast, no sugar or refined carbs, gluten free).

Some days I am dragging my a** around barely energized enough to make myself food, other days I wake up naturally at 7am and am so productive and energetic (quite like my old self).

Do I need a dosage change? Do I need to see a specialist? Someone help me please!!


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Ok so firstly welcome. Second your GP doesn’t know how to treat you so see someone else in the practice with all symptoms and test results. You need a dose increase. You can’t go from hypo to hyper but you can be overstimulated. Your results don’t show that but undermedication. They should test you each 6-8 weeks after dose increase and the idea of treatment is good health and safe levels in blood tests, a TSH of around 1 or lower.

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Thank you for responding! Do I still need a dose increase of Levo even though my FT4 is in the high range? What about my I need a T3 perscription? DO I have Hashis?

My GP isnt the worst--it just took a little bit of convincing her/ standing my ground because she was hesitant. I will try to see another GP in the practice.


A TSH of 3 is no way to go once medicated. Yes the FT3 is high in range and FT3 is low in range but your current dose isn’t doing what it should. We are all different. Perhaps look at thyroid U.K. treatment guidelines so that you are armed for the next apt.

What other tests have they done? Vit D B12 folate and ferritin? Any gut issues? And what of your diet and supplements?

They believe we are so simple to treat but that GP has already broken treatment guidelines so lay out all the issues to the next GP. You may experiment with 75 on some days and 100 on others but GPs are often not keen on this. You need to exhaust levo. variables before considering other approaches.


Forgot to say with TSH of 3 and medicated stop exercising. Gentle is the word until your FT3 is higher in range and you feel better.

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My Vitamin D and B12, folate and ferritin were all perfect (I take a D3 supplement).

I drink 2 TBSP Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (diluted) in the morning which helps me be regular (and helps with my occasional acne breakouts). I drink Collagen Peptides everyday which is an amazing source of protein and has helped my dry, brittle hair/nails (and dry skin) tremendously. I take Maca root capsules in the late afternoon which has helped me with my terrible PMS/Periods.

I eat very well. Greek yogurt and blueberries in the morning with almond milk coffee (NO SUGAR and 2% fat yogurt).

For lunch I do 2 eggs/3 egg white omelette with spinach and avocado. Or Tuna with olives and lots of greens.

Snack is usually almonds or a slice of cheese or some coconut.

Dinner is usually Salmon/Chicken with some courgette/pepper/sweet potato/broccoli.

I try to stay away from soy and gluten 99% of the time. I cook everything myself and rarely rarely go over 27g of sugar a day (this is considering natural sugars as well).

Actually I was staying away from vigorous exercise for a while (only walking lots/yoga) and I just felt myself ballooning. Ever since starting to workout more I have noticed myself getting leaner (losing some inches...maybe) although my weight hasnt changed much.

I know that my weight will probably drop as hormones become optimized.

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What were your results for B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD ? How much D3 are you taking ? .....

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I am taking 2500IU D3 (cholecalciferol) daily.

25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 level- 73nmol/L (no range)

Serum iron level 11.1umol/L normal range (11-36umol/L)

Serum TIBC 78.5 unmol/L normal range (53-85umol/L)

Serum ferritin 70 ug/L (no range)

Transferrin saturation index 14.1%* normal range (20-40%)

*this is low?

Serum vitamin B12 559 ng/L normal range (160-925ng/L)

Serum Folate 4.6ug/L normal range (2.9-50ug/L)

Serum Zinc 15.5 umol/L normal range (11.5-17umol/L)


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