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High antibodies

Hi, i just had a phone call from GP and said my antibodies are very high i have low Vit D and Calcium. So recommend to take a multivitamin. She said because all my thyroid functions are within range kepp doing what I’m doing. I will go and get the results printed out as I would like to know exact numbers. But how do i go about seing someone who would help. I have been reading a lot about LDN anyone in south brighton area who would look at the whole picture.

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i have low Vit D and Calcium. So recommend to take a multivitamin.

Ignore the advice about taking a multivitamin. They generally have too little of anything to help and use the wrong and least absorbably form of ingredients. If they contain iron then nothing else will be absorbed, and if they contain calcium then even the iron wont be absorbed. Some contain iodine. Iron, calcium and iodine should all be tested before supplementing.

Taking a Vit D supplement will most likely raise your calcium level anyway. D3 aids absorption of calcium from food so it follows that the calcium level will probably increase.

If you post your results (with reference ranges), we can suggest what dose of supplements you need and any cofactors that might also be necessary.

my antibodies are very high

If these are Thyroid Peroxidase and/or Thyroglobulin antibodies then you have autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's which is where antibodies attack the thyroid and gradually destroy it. Adopting a strict gluten free diet and supplementing with selenium l-selenomethionine 200mcg daily can also help reduce the antibodies.

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I agree with Seaside Susie. Ignore the multivitamin. My Pilates teacher / qualified physiotherapist is always telling us it’s vitamin D3 that we need for strong bones - not calcium. Good for you for getting a printout if your results with their ranges!

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