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Has anyone heard/thought about a thyroid hormone implant?

It seems like nearly everyone has a problem with their thyroid medication, and the best therapeutic innovations would involve bypassing the digestive system, with a hormonal or thyroid cell implant.

Aside from experiments with mice, this is the only page I found related to a concrete effort to produce better thyroid therapies:

I'm curious about what other people think, or have heard from their friends or physicians, and if anyone here has any experience/expertise in how the public can help push certain medical innovations along.

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Research into transplanting thyroid glands has been under way for some time. I thought the Russians were fairly close to trialling a transplant in animals a couple of years ago. My thyroid surgeon thinks that it may be possible to transplant a thyroid gland into the arm as they do with parathyroid glands.

I think we may be a long way off the T3 implant considering we don't even prescribe slow-release T3 in the UK.


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