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Healing thyroid nodules

Does anyone have an experience of healing thyroid nodules?. . . Feeling really nervous about thyroid ultrasound coming up. I had 3 nodules a year ago and one biopsied that came back begnin. I have had Hashis since I was 14 and never had nodules discovered till after pregnancy. For the last year I have mostly adhered to the AIP (autoimmune protocol diet). It is my hope that this has helped but I would love any advice about healing nodules. Many thanks.

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Hi Amebame

I am in Australia. I recently had been diagnosed with overactive thryroid and put on carbimazole. Then I had an ultrasound and it showed a nodule on my right lobe of my thyroid. I read up about what causes thyroid nodules and one website stated that a person could be lacking in selenium, vitamin D and progesterone deficient . I also read where lemon balm tea and the herb basil is very good and to make it into a tea from fresh basil leaves (1/4 cup) boil and let infuse for about 15 mins before drinking. I had a nuclear scan last week and now have been told it is thyroiditis, which is inflammation of thyroid. I don't go back to the doctor for another 5 weeks. I will still be taking medication for short term and will take the herbal teas and I will speak to the doctor about other things when I next see her. good website is liverdoctor.com/what-to-do-for thyroid-nodules/.

regards Vicki



Sometimes Levothyroxine will shrink a nodule but generally one just lives with thyroid nodules unless they become too large or impact on nearby organs in which case surgery will be required to remove them.


I have had several thyroid scans done over the last few years. I had several nodules, including one larger one – I had three fine needle aspirations done of this larger nodule, but it wasn’t anything sinister. It is fairly normal to have thyroid nodules anyway, and not necessarily anything to worry about (but I know we all still do).

I had another scan done late last year. The radiologist compared the scan to the one done two years previously, and stated that I my nodules appear to have gone. She wanted to know what I had done in the last two years, as she said that my thyroid appeared to look much healthier than it did before. She was interested when I told her that I had started taking T3. No-one is saying that the T3 has done anything, but she had no answer as to how the nodules have disappeared. I’m still waiting for my endocrinologist’s letter, but not sure she will have anything much to say either.

I have also drastically changed my diet, with the help of a private nutritionist, and eat very well. I also take quite a few supplements. I know that all the things I have been doing are good for my health but, again, whether or not my diet can possibly affect nodules – I have no idea. It has certainly improved my overall health though, and every little thing helps when it comes to thyroid disease.


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