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At last a GP who isn’t swayed by the numbers

After having a blood test 6 weeks after my Levo dose was upped to 125mg the TSH was surpressed at .07 (.2-4.2).

GP asked me to retest after another 6 weeks and just got the results back at .1 same range.

Was called by the GP and was expecting to have the Levo dose lowered by alternating 100/125mg.

However greatly surprised to hear the GP say he was more interested in how I felt. As I said I felt well, and so long as I had no symptoms (weight loss, palpitations etc.) he was happy to leave the dose as it is.

At last someone who isn’t governed by the numbers.

Interesting that I mentioned there were no T3 or T4 numbers (I can see my own results). He said they don’t get checked unless the TSH is further outside their normal range than mine was.

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Hang onto this gem for as long as you can: an enlightened doctor who is interested in how you feel rather than being a numbers robot.


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