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Gallbladder out

Hi all, after a week in hospital I was intially sent home the rushed back in a few days later to have my gallbladder removed last Sunday. Although I’m still sore and nauseous I do feel better already! The incredibly bad pain I’ve had for months has just about gone and the wounds are healing nicely. I have a check up later this week to check on bloods for thyriod antibodies etc... but fingers crossed 🤞🏻Any tips on nausea would be great currently on ordansetron As well as morphine and buscapan. Still don’t have a great apetite but Im thinking once I have stopped feeling sick this will ebb off.

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Great news Jaqui - at last. Hope you recover well.

Sorry, all I know of for nausea is the buscapan. But I have used Bicarbonate of soda in warm water at home on occassion. Don't suppose that's possible in hospital and no idea whether or not advisable presently.

Get Well soon xxx

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Ginger is the classic remedy for nausea. You could try making ginger tea with it.

Hope you feel better very soon!


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