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Not sure if this is the right place to post but I cant find a relevant group! I started having attacks a few months ago which I initially thought was indigestion!! I ended up being admitted to hospital for 5 days as I was very jaundiced. They did an ultrasound which confirmed it was gallstones and quite a few by the sounds of it! I had an ercp a few weeks ago to remove a stone blocking my duct and saw the consultant about the Cholecystectomy last week. I just wondered what kind of time scale I am looking at for having the operation, as the attacks are back and I now have constant pain in my back and right shoulder blade where the gall pain usually is. Thanks for reading.

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  • Hi It certainly needs surgery or develops into cholocystitis . A serious condition which can be very dangerous. I would phone the consultants sec and ask about waiting list. Also ask if you can have any can be a while simply depends on the hospital¬s list where you go. It is an autoimmune disease and very will take a while to recover but will make a huge difference.

    Best wishes,


  • Xanon,

    The trouble is you can still go through all that and they still form in the bile duct.

    I had a lot of jandius in my 20's.

    They didn't see any Gallstones.

    but it didn't mean they were not forming and passing.

    I think it's hormone linked.

    I had too much prolactin.

    I would rather find a nature path

    as your liver deals with the manufacture of hormones.

    Taking the gall bladder is not going to correct the biochemistry.

    The initial treatment is cooking oil

    and lemon juice.

    And getting your liver sorted.


  • Hi Carol I found it interesting that you knew about the gallbladder/liver thing. I have been VERY UNWELL for 16months, it happened within one day, my stomach distended as if I was 9 months pregnant with twins, I put on 7kg in one week, the doctors were horrified and thought I had liver cancer, when it was not that we went to pancreas cancer, not that maybe ovarian cancer, no not that and all the time so ill spending up to 18 hours a day in bed, had many drugs as my stomach could not digest food, even when water went it to my stomach I got terrible pain, I went on the cave mans diet, then my rhemotologist complained about the weight I had put on and told me to eat rice only, I obeyed and ate 3/4 cup rice for 2 weeks and did not lose a thing, still ill, I have had test after test been to A&E 3 times in soooooo much pain and they all kept saying it s irritable bowel, I tried to tell them it was in the middle right in my stomach the minute I ate or drank anything, so after a long 16 months last week my doctor looked at my stomach again as she has many many times and then asked about my scar, I told her it was gallbladder out 40 years ago, a light popped up and she said that when you take the gallbladder out the liver does some of the work to provide bile etc and now because my liver was compromised ( due to 7 years on methotrexate) she said my liver was unable to produce the enzymes to digest my food and take out the nutrients. wow I started these last Monday and I am a different person, stomach has really reduced, still got the fat that I gained due to the body being malnorished but working on that..cheers Trish

  • Denvajade,

    What was it you took?

    Digestive enzyme.


  • Hi

    I am waiting to have my gall bladder removed too, mine started 12th may 2012 at the same time I had pneumonia so my surgeon would not take it out at that point. I also suffer severe bouts of gastritis which is very painful so I am now prescibed Omeprazole for daily dosage along with medication for Diabetes Type 2 and congnital Hyoptyhroidism.

    I have had the consultation with the aneathatist I am just waiting for the date now, Along the way I have had a lot of stress and 2 family bereavements, my eldest sister in Sept 2012 and mum 23rd Jan 2014, My surgeon believes that mine has been brought on by stress over what was going on with my health issue and my employers (N H S) I lost my job November 2012 after being put through hell over illness and being unable to work on the computer for long periods due an eye problem which I am also under a consultant for. So start making a noise to get your operation as many are in the same situation af being kept waiting when there reall is a need for this delay.



  • Hi Trina you might like to read my other post on this subject. wishing you well.

  • I refused to have my gallbladder removed in November 2011 as it coincided with the birth of my first grandchild and my mother's inquest after her death following a surgical error. I was told I was running a 1in5 risk of needing emergency surgery in the next 5 years. I read lots changed my diet and am mostly symptom free. I would use your waiting time to see a nutritionist or kinesiologist or similar to see if this approach could help you. As said above my Mum just made stones in her bile duct instead after gallbladder surgery. Izabella Wentz Root Cause might help to point you in the right direction. Some people certainly do need surgery but worth checking carefully. Happy fact finding xx

  • Thanks for all your replys. I am only 20 and have an 8 month old which you'll all understand is very difficult during an attack! I just want to have the surgery and get back to normal. I used to love my food and I'm fed up of being scared of it! I think in the long run it will be better for us but thanks for your suggestions and Trina any idea how long you will be waiting? I have seen the consultant to agree to the op just waiting for an appointment now

  • I had my gallbladder removed January 2013 after 25 years of problems. I had 10 stones the size of large boiled sweets blocking my bile duct. It was in danger of rupturing. I had keyhole surgery. It was quick, I was in one night only and recovery is easy compared to having thyroid out. I am 68. They discovered thyroid problem following CT scan after gallbladder surgery. Thyroid came out 8 weeks ago. You have to watch what you eat for up to 2 years after gallbladder removal so that your liver adjusts to coping with it.

    If you are in constant pain you need to have it out. The alternative methods only work short term, I know, I tried them all. Keep to low fat diet, don't eat citrus fruits/ juice. Eat little & often.

    I am certain it is all connected, thyroid, gallbladder and reflux problems. Get it sorted while you are young, otherwise you will have severe problems as you get older.

    You should be operated on within the NHS guidelines depending on waiting list. Might be between 3 to 6 months.

    Good luck.

  • Agree Flowerpower, I had my Gallbladder out two years ago. I still get a lot of pain,so much so that I had another liver scan last week in case of blockages. There was no advice given before or after and no one said anything about a thyroid connection. (i'm 60.)

  • Hi there sorry to read about your gallbladder attacks, not pleasant at all. Very painful in fact it can feel like you are having a heart attack. I am very suprised that they have not operated by now, when I had my attacks I had surgery within ten days, it can be dangerous if left too long, I suggest you let your doctor know that you are having more attacks. wishing you well. Trish

  • Fair fat and forty.

    You've just had a baby that will have upset your hormones.

    and caused you stress.

    Is not there something like ultra sound they use for kidney stones?


  • I think there is something similar but the success rate is so low it's rarely an option. I don't know how anyone can put up with the pain for the lengths of time they do! However it was an out of hours doctor that diagnosed me he was brilliant and told me to see my own doctor after the weekend. My doctor told me it was acid and I was too young for gallstones....I ended up in a and e that night!

  • I had mine out last year it's the best thing I ever did. It took a few months before I could have dairy products again by I am know pain free and happy.

  • Don't wait. I didn't know what was wrong, delayed being seen, and ended up in terrible pain and a six-hour surgery to remove multiply stones that had embedded in and infected every organ in its neighbourhood. Needed months of recovery. But if it had been diagnosed earlier, it probably would not have become so extreme.

  • Its called Questan prescribed by doctor, dont know if I will have to be on it for life.

  • I had my gallbladder out two years ago after a terrible attack which led to jaundice. I has to wait a year to have the op and just made sure I ate a low fat diet until that point. I had key hole surgery and was back at work two weeks later. Don't believe all the scare stories you read on the Internet, I think people often post when things are bad but not always when things go well. It was life changing for me to finally be pain free after four years of pain :-)

  • Hi, sorry to hear of your pain. I started having pain and feeling unwell in Oct 2008, by Dec it was excruciating. Thought I was dying on many occasions. Doctors just told me it was heartburn and acid reflux. Jan 2009 decided to see different Dr, she suggested gallstones. Had to wait until Feb 2009 to get ultrasound. Then in March 2009 went to see surgeon after diagnosed it was gallstones. About 6 weeks later had keyhole surgery in Early May 2009.

    A lot depends on where you are in the country and how efficient/busy your hospital is. The operations was very painful and took me about 3 months to get over it. A lot of people recover quicker, l think I'm oner of the unlucky ones. They don't tell you about the gas they pump into you to inflate your stomach to let have easier access to your organs. That says in system for about 6 weeks and as bad as gallstone collic.

    In an ideal world I would have liked to not have had the surgury. But they're weren't any alternative's at the time and I couldn't deal with the pain anymore. I have mild attacks a couple of times a year, and my digestive system isn't what it used to be. I can pretty much eat anything I like now except fruit. Just have to be near a toilet when I do.

    In the months I knew I had the gallstones, (from Jan after doc suggested I knew had them after Internet research) I coped on Heathspans Artichoke supplements and Dr Stuart's Liver Detox and Detox teas. Liver Detox tasted awful but was one of the only things to help. Didn't eradicate but certainly lessened the pain. I don't know if they still make either or if they have same ingredients but I suggest them because I know they helped.

    Sorry for long post but I sympathise with your pain. I was also diagnosed as too young to get them, which is why it took so long. Am 32 now. Wishing you well.


  • After reading people's experiences of diagnosis troubles I am extremely grateful to the doctor who diagnosed me and didn't try to fob me of the only reasons I have some faith in the nhs!

  • You can get a blood test as well as an ultra sound to test for bile blockages in the liver. I've had both and am clear. But I'm very careful about what I eat so not to overload my liver. Liver specialists recommend up to 2 years as the liver adjusts to working without a gallbladder. Avoid spicy foods and especially no fizzy drinks! If you drink diet sodas cut them out straight away. It's the aspartame in them that is dangerous along with anything carbonated causes stomach, gallbladder and pancreas issues. All this with thyroid issues is connected. I take digestive enzymes, vitamin B12 & 6 to support liver plus Nutrisorb Trace Minerals. I take these 4 drops daily sublingual (under the tongue) so it doesn't go through digestive system. Whatever supplements you take to support thyroid issues will support liver & stomach too.

    Val x

  • Timescale all depends on the consultants lists I would ring his sec to ask.

    There is no easy answer to gall problems I had surgery after 4 yrs rushed in and out of a & e things got complicated and then lots worse and have caused other problems and pain that they don't know why.

    Often there other reasons for the initial pain so taking gall is not an answer.

    I'm interested re enzymes you said about so will look into that.

    Some people just sail through gall operation and no problems I hope that is you.

    All the best

  • hi do you have hashi? i get gall bladder attacks frequently but don't want it removed unless absolutely necessary as you can get other problems and even similar symptoms after removal its there for a reason right!!! try a gall bladder cleanse usually made up of olive oil lemon juice Epsom salts etc there are various ones you can find on the internet some you mix with juice to make a shake I'm on hols at this time if I get a chance ill try and find some as I have them all printed off at home sand cant remember the links its not that pleasant but it works for me my endo wanted to remove mine over 5 years ago but its still going strong good luck

  • Would hashimotos not have been picked up in routine bloods etc? Or even the bloods I had done when admitted to hospital, just been reading up on it and have a fair few sypnts however. Could just be coincidence?

  • no i went undiagnosed for 20 years some of which my mother with hash went to same dr i had all the classic symptoms all my adult life still had 8 unnecessary opps due to undiagnosed hashi

  • Worth asking for the bloods doing then? How can I make sure they check it properly as I have read things sbout them only checking tsh wheb the full screen needs doing and what do I need to ask for??

  • i had my gall bladder removed only last fri going to have my clips out tomorrow monday im sure im better off with a deseased gall bladder taken away than it being left there

  • How do you feel?? Just wondered what it will be like with a baby under 1 for the first few days

  • Hi Had my gallbladder out November 2013......Turned out it was ready to rupture which no one knew before hand. I feel so much better. I also had a hernia repair and a large liver cyst removed. Sometimes I wonder if it was all caused by untreated Hashimoto until I ended up in bad shape. And I am being treated as of feb 2013. Still slowly increasing meds. Recovery went well its not a total piece of cake but with pain meds and everyday you feel better next thing you know .....all is well. So far so good for me no problems eat anything I want. So good luck to you. Susan

  • I had my gallbladder removed almost 14 years ago and although I didn't have the awful painful attacks that can occur, I was always in discomfort after eating. After the op I was unwell mainly because I didn't stay on top of the pain and didn't take the painkillers but after it settled down it was the best thing I could have done. My father also had this operation but his was an emergency and his diseased gall bladder had infected his other organs and he was seriously ill. Luckily he made a good recovery but it really shouldn't have been left that long. Therefore when my daughter had some very painful attacks and even when she had an ultrasound and they couldn't spot any gallstones, I was convinced the gallbladder was the cause. The guy carrying out the scan said he could see she was very tender in that area but no stones were visible. She saw two consultants; one said the attacks were 'unexplained' but not gall bladder and I asked for her to have a Hepa scan but they were not carried out at our local hospital so we went further afield - still not conclusive. She then had a second opinion with a gastroenterologist who sent her back to the original consultant who agreed to remove her gallbladder reluctantly and even spoke to her before going down for surgery saying that this probably wouldn't make any difference. I spent an anxious time wondering if I had pushed for unnecessary surgery until the histology report came back after an appointment with the gastro guy confirming chronic cholycystitis. She has congenital hypo and I have hashis. Apart from the odd time when she has binged on the wrong food she has never looked back. I know they say fat, fair and forty, but neither or us is overweight and when she had this operation she wasn't even 30. I am so glad I don't have to see her writhing in pain as I did several times previously and glad I followed my instincts to push for a second opinion.

  • I had my gall bladder removed 7 years ago. Waited 6 weeks after referral. Had it out in day surgery. Last year I was taken to hospital with similar pains. Spent 2 weeks there and eventually found stones in my bile duct. I also haven underactive thyroid (on 125 mg) and acid reflux (on lansrozol) and high blood pressure. Could they all be related?

  • I feel fine now still sore but hopefully on the road to recovery

  • Until I had my daughter I'd never been in hospital! Had problem after problem since so no other illness as far as I know. It was marked in my notes as urgent from the beginning so hoping it will be quick!

  • I went to an alternative chinese therapist for a persistent shoulder pain whilst on the waiting list and although he said he couldn't treat me as I obviously had a liver related problem because of the gallstones and anything he prescribed would be frowned upon by the traditional medics, he did urge me to contact my GP to say the symptoms were becoming more troublesome and ask for her to request being bumped up the list a bit. I did as he suggested and I had surgery within a couple of weeks after that. Maybe a coincidence, but maybe not.

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