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My Thyroxine to stop

Hi all

Im a bit confused and wondered whether there was any advice on here from anyone.

My thyroid levels were 4.4 i think when i got prescribed thyroxine; i got pregnant straight away and was told the thyroid levels should be between 1-2 ideally for pregnancies (although its possible to get pregnant with higher levels).

After starting on a dose of 25mcg i upped to 50mcg during pregnancy and had my follow up apt today with endocrinologist.

I got told that although the levels are now 2.6 its still near the high range for a pregnant lady so hence the dose is upped to 75mcg. All good an well.

Now this is the confusing bit. The dr said that had i not been trying to get pregnant they wouldnt have considered giving me thyroxine, despite all symptoms etc. He has advised one week after birth of baby i totally stop my meds and he will review it as a follow up blood test.

Surely if in pregnancy i have had to up the dosages, suddenly stopping them and claiming I won’t need it at all could have an adverse impact on my health.

Am i the only one who feels this is odd?!

Any comments will be appreciated ☺️

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Hello ... anybody


Kat, you have to be patient. Nobody here is employed to respond to posts, we are all thyroid disease sufferers, sometimes there are quite a few members around to respond, sometimes very few, it is a patient to patient support forum.

The good news is that you are getting your Levo and being monitored during your pregnancy.

He has advised one week after birth of baby i totally stop my meds and he will review it as a follow up blood test.

Don't waste time and emotion worrying about that now. Get on with your pregnancy and enjoy it, and when your lovely baby comes along, then see how things are. You will have your levels tested after the birth, so when you have the results you can deal with it then. You can come back here, post them and members will comment. Just remember that TSH alone is not an indicator of good thyroid health. Free T4 and Free T3 should also be measured, plus thyroid antibodies TPO and TG to complete the picture.


Like SS said, I wouldn't worry about it now.

The truth is, because you're not outside of the range you're considered normal/healthy so they wouldn't medicate you.

If you're smart, after the pregnancy do three tests for TSH, t4 and t3. As TSH on it's own (high, low, mid) doesn't mean much. You may have to the test privately.

If your t4 and t3 comes back somewhere in the mid/top range, it means your thyroid is producing enough hormones and you don't need medication. Why would you want to be on this dreadful medication anyway?

Also make sure your baby has thyroid test done and check its references yourself.

Good luck with healthy and beautiful baby!

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Thanks guys! Dont want to be on it tbh! But just worried about implications for breast feeding and my hormonal balance. I will ask for full test once given birth

Thanks again x



Your GP is moving too fast. He should wait and see what thyroid levels are like once pregnancy hormones have normalised which is around six months after delivery.


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