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Sourcing T3

Hi All

Please could someone send me a private message with any advice u have on sourcing T3 at a reasonable cost here or abroad? I’m sure this has been asked lots before but from what ive read on the threads I need a direct message as it can’t be posted publicly. My background is 10 years of Hashimotos, I was well managed on armour for several years, which I’m now told is too expensive to be prescribed, Today i was asked to go back on Levothyroxine which I will never do as it did nothing to address my symptoms. I would like to try T3 only but my Gp said his hands are tied and he is now not allowed to prescribe either armour or T3. Advise&suggestions gratefully received please

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You can obtain Armour and other brands of NDT without prescription if you would prefer to remain on NDT?

If you want to switch to T3 say what dose Armour you are taking and I'll advise how much T3 you will need.

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