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Newbie experiencing Insomnia


About 2 weeks ago my thyroxine was increased from 50 to 75mcg as my blood tests were getting worse. I used to SLEEEEEP haha! I had absolutely no issues with sleeping in till 10 to 11 in the morning but i'd also go to bed quite late. I often bragged around the fact I could always make myself go back to bed with no hesitation ( i will say, this may be associated with the awful fatigue felt when I didn't know I had hypothyroidism!)

Ever since this new dose increase, no matter what time I go to bed (and now it's usually a lot earlier cause i've been up for so long) i wake up wide eyed at 0450 in the morning. Its always around this time, and only in the last 2 days have I lay in bed forcing myself to stay asleep and managed to lightly dose off for an hour and half at max.

Does anyone have any tips on combating this?! Do i decrease my tablets again if i felt my symptoms were better before the increase anyway? Is it just a phase whilst my body adjusts to the hormones? I work shifts (12 hours) and i need my sleep!

I am taking 1000 IU vitamin D3 daily as this was half than what it should be, and i'm on the combined pill - I do want to come off this but it helps with my acne but as its a strong hormonal pill I wonder if this effects things?

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Welcome to the forum, Tmroey.

Waking early like that can be due to adrenals/cortisol. Google "Adrenal Cocktail" and try the cocktail at bedtime for a few nights to see whether sleep improves.

Why are you taking 1,000iu vitD if you need 2,000iu?


Ok!, great thank you i'll have a look. Need to try something - really beginning to worry me! Sorry I phrased that wrong. My GP said my Vit D was half than what it should be so she recommended 1000 IU.



Try and get in the habit of getting your results and ranges then you can post them on the forum and we can tell you whether 1,000iu, for instance, is enough.

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