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Question about my thyroid


Here are my new test results for the thyroid.

TSH 1.85 (mIU/l) (range 0.40-4.00)

Free T4 15.65 (pmol/l) (range 10-21)

Free T3 4.39 (pmol/l) (range 3.50-6.50)

TPOAb 57 (kU/l) (range <60)

These have slightly improved. I had more TPOAb last time (69).

Here are my symptoms:

- lots of tiredness behind the eyes and forehead

- lots of brain fog especially around the period time

- Dry ears

- Tired eyes

- Intolerance to heat and cold

- Getting tired very easily

- muscle issues, especially on the neck, shoulders and head, including the muscles deep inside the neck

- Problems with eyesight: slow for eyes to adjust, issues with darkness

- Super tired after work or any other activity (only able to work twice a week)

After sauna these symptoms are worse the following day. Lots of issues especially around the period starting 3 days before and until a couple of days after the period.

I have had low cortisol, but this is now normal. Also I've had gut issues including SIBO, but this is treated and I have no gut issues anymore.

I'm not on thyroid medication. We tested Naturethroid, but it wasn't suitable for me possibly because of the SIBO at the time (9 months ago) and the T3 being too much for me. I was going to talk to my doctor about just testing normal Thyroxine (synthetic T4). I have a functional medical doctor and a functional nutritional therapist working with me.

Could someone please tell me if it's possible that all these symptoms are still the thyroid or if someone gets any other ideas if it could be something else? What do you think about my thyroid test results?

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Your test results don't look terrible to me but you symptoms do sound like under active thyroid. Do you have any test results for vit D, ferretin, folate and vit b12?When you tried nature thyroid what dose did you take?


My thyroid numbers have been noticeably worse before, but have improved, just not enough and I think my symptoms come from the thyroid.

My vit D is 86.1 nmol/l so it's fine, but not perfect,

B12 is 593 pmol/l. Again not the best, but not the worst either.

Ferritin 40.5 mcg/l - not great.

Folate I don't have, but I have been taking a supplement for all of these for a year and a half.

With Naturethroid I got issues after the first 1/4 wafer immediately so I stopped after 3 days after talking with my doctor. Someone suggested to treat the gut first as SIBO and other gut issues can cause a lot of issues with any amount of T3. So now I'll talk to my doctor about testing T4 medication.


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