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Any ideas on how to calm down this crisis?

Hi I was diagnosed with Hashimotos 7 years ago, I had a dreadful year before that and the first year after diagnosis was pretty tough too with not getting on with levo, being madly itchy with T3 and finally sorted with gluten and dairy free NDT and lots of supplements.

Since then I had one year of nasty gut trouble which resolved itself and I'm generally OK working and surviving

However, I am in trouble at the moment.

I had a cold it started 5th Jan sore throat sneezing etc.

It's three weeks later, everything hurts, and I mean everything, I have diarrhoea, a horrible cough, earache and feel dreadful.

My immune system is in crisis, any ideas on what I can do to calm it down?

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Hi there i will be interested in the replys you get as i have just come down with this virus, hacking cough, dry raw throat, aching all over, blocked nose and 3 immune diseases including hashis😳 curtesy of my 12 year old daughter!!


I would ask for a thyroid blood test. The virus has probably knocked you for six so it is best to ensure your thyroid hormones are optimum.Ask for TSH, T4, T3, FreeT4 and Free T3. Probably wont do the last two but there's no harm in asking. If you've not had vits/minerals tested for a while, I'd ask for these at the same time i.e. B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.


Well I had one just before and FT4 was 14 FT3 was 6 and TSH was 0.07

I didn't have vitamin tests but I have always been able to maintain the folate ferritin and B12 and I supplement with D3

My mouth is all ulcers I haven't eaten since breakfast. I just sneezed 11 times I am feeling very sorry for myself

Should I take some B complex?


A horrible cough leads to much hurting in chest and messes up sleep.Recently throats sweets were said to be useless. I find the original menthol olbas pastiles help ,if you can accept the sugar coating and menthol taste.I go to bed with one in the roof of my mouth and may need another in the middle of the night.Hold it their with the tongue and do not suck it or it will not last.


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