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Any info. on Endos in Colchester/ Clacton -on-sea please? bloods normal but very ill!

He is on the list of Endos... I'm from Norwich but hope to see him... another endo at same hosp. has now moved out of the country!

Does any one have any experience pls? My bloods normal but been ill 16 yearsmostly housebound (mainly in winter)-.. want to ask for further tests! (is it ok to mension hosp?!)

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I am sorry you have been ill for so many years. If you could get a print-out of your latest thyroid gland blood tests complete with ranges (figures in brackets) and post them again, someone will comment. If you haven't already had blood tests for Vit B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate, ask GP if he would do them. Also these (he probably wont but there is no harm in asking)


Someone will reply re Endos and hopefully it will be a positive reply.


Thank you all, this is the situ-

T4 14 pmol/L

TSH 2.59 (range 0.35-3.50)

T3 4.2 pmol/L

serum creatinine 53 umol abnormal

neutrophil count 1.95 abnormal

they said no action needed

vit B12 1558 umol ('normal') 2001 (dont see any recent fig.)

vit D was low but 'normal'

folate 573 nmol/L

ferritin 88 ug/L

(My GP has referred me to an endocrinologist (at my request), now I am looking to see which one to go to (NHS, cant afford to keep paying out to try diff. treatments for 'M.E' I live alone, on benefits) .


email louise.warvill@thryroiduk.org and ask if there is a good Endo near where you live.

Your B12 is good. You can supplement with Vit D3 which would help your 'low'. Some have found a benefit supplementing. I am not sure re your 'abnormal' ones so maybe someone can answer.

This is a link and once-upon-a- time people used to be medicated upon their clinical symptoms and not the TSH.



thank you, Shaws, I will look them out.


At last my appointment with endocrinologists has come through. This will be my first ever appointment with an endocrinologist. I shall be getting a lift there, and somebody to accompany me…


Any Christians on the board? Please pray that I'll be able to get transport, its about 100 miles away (under) too ill to use public transport or drive that far. Need someone who understands the situ. and can back up what I say/ speak on my behalf...


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