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Not hashimotos?

Hi there

Thank you so much for your replies on my last post re ongoing symptoms and ferritin levels.

I have taken your advice and ordered a comprehensive medicheck blood analysis and will post the results when I have them.

The last time I did a more basic test with blue horizon (9 months ago) and the following results were identified:

Anti thyroid peroxidase 15.1 <34

Anti thyroglobulin 21 <115

I took this to mean I’m not hashimotos. Am I right?

I have recently felt a cold feeling I’ve not felt before - I feel frozen to the bone on waking ( even though I am very very wrapped up!) and I have to sit in front of Heater wiggling to get warm!)

I’ve always had cold hands and feet ( I have a hot water bottle on the settee summer and winter ) but this I’ve not experienced before.

I take 100 mcg levo and my last tsh and previous blue horizons checks were good ( that was also 9 months ago ) . I posted them at the time.

I’ll repost when I have new test results.

Thanks for listening x

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Saying you haven't got hashimoto's is quite difficult, your test indicates there was no activity at that time, a few weeks later there may have been. This doesn't help much, sorry.

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