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the way i take my meds

If somebody had suggested this, I would not have believed it.

What I have to take in the morning prescribed by my Endo.

75 Mirogrammes of T4

1/4 grain of Armour

37.5 DHEA

100 Mg of Flecanide

20Mg of Riveroxobann.

a suplement for insulin resistance.

I am supposed to take the thyroxin, in the morning on an empty stomach. This I do around 430 am 530, am, when nature calls. I then get back to sleep.

I am then supposed to take my DHEA on an empty stomach and with breakfast the other two meds for my heart.

the supplement just before I have my breakfast.

If I do this, I get so, so cold and my brain freezes up, I feel really cold, cramp depressed and my body is so cold and my wife says I feel like a dead person.

If I take the thyroxin, then my heart tablets and wait until after breakfast for my other meds i am hot all day and almost as normal as I can be.

It took a few months to fathom this out , I thought I was going crazy.

regards JOhn C

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I'm glad you've figured out what is happening and have managed a work around, Stockman27.


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