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Looking for a Doctor or Functional Medicine Practitioner in London, Sussex, South East or Herts to help my Thyroid issues

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone here could recommend a Doctor or Functional Medicine Practitioner, or similar, who has helped them with Thyroid issues. I'm hoping to find someone in London, Sussex, South East or Herts.

If you know if someone please would you private message (PM) me.

I have various symptoms, rising TSH and a large 3cm nodule which I believe is Thy3. (Am not on any Thyroid meds and have no diagnosis from GP).

Thank you in advance.

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Members will respond by Private Message if they have information and if you email and ask for a list of private doctors.

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Thank you shaws. I obtained that list a while back but am hoping for personal recommendations. Best wishes.

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Thank you.


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