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Could anybody suggest a good, enlightened Endo or practitioner in South Scotland?

I feel the need to get some advice. I say South Scotland (Glasgow Edinburgh) but I'd go anywhere for the right recommendation. I really want to see someone who is au fait with all the latest research especially in RT3 etc.... This might be like asking for someone to guide me to a miracle island where rainbow unicorns live and where the world isn't going to Hell in a Handcart?!! But, it's worth a shot.

Thank you! :o)

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Dr toft in spire murryfield Edinburgh was happy to talk about t3, so may believe in rt3. I went along with blue horizon blood tests which he was happy to use

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Perfect! I've even heard his name mentioned with reverence before. Hadn't realised he was so close by. Thank you!

oh dear, Weescone.... I guess that means you had a torrid time of it. Sorry :O(


Email for a list of member recommended endos. Check with them prior to booking about their views on rT3.

I am closing this thread to replies as members should give you feed back via private messages, not on the forum.

26. Do not post information about specific endocrinologists or doctors on the main board without their permission as this may result in unwanted attention from certain areas of the medical profession. If you wish to discuss a particular endocrinologist or doctor, you may mention his/her name and location, providing that you ask for comments by private message only.

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