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Collecting conditions


Had an interesting month. Lovely holiday in the sun and then returned with what seemed like flu but now have an inhaler, antibiotics and need further testing to see if I now have asthma. I feel like I am collecting conditions hypothyroid, migraine, low vit D, recurring iron deficiency, recurring low B12, and now add on joint pain and possible asthma. I have never smoked and have always been active. I feel I am just adding more meds and conditions without having a real cause to why it is happening. I am not even 50 and really want to get to the bottom of what is happening.


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Sounds like your thyroid is not correctly treated

Do you have Hashimoto's?

Low vitamins are common when under treated, especially with Hashimoto's

If you add your most recent results for thyroid and vitamins members can advise

Plus what supplements you are taking

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Do you have any problems with your gut? At least 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive system. Leaky gut etc can cause havoc with your health and limits potential nutrient absorption such as iron, B12 and can cause frequent colds, flu, infections, joint and muscle pain, anxiety, depression and brain fog etc. Leaky gut allows unwanted particles of food, bacteria etc to get into your bloodstream (which would otherwise just pass through your digestive system) and cause an inflammatory response.

The gut is a big deal especially if you already have (like me) at least one autoimmune disease.


Have read through your earlier posts looking for test results with ranges - have I missed something ? LOW thyroid can be linked to asthma type symptoms due to low moisture levels. Something I have read so will look for it.

Meanwhile post your latest results with ranges - am guessing your T3 is low 😊

Do you have Hashimotos ? How much VitD are you taking ? Did you get your B12 injections increased ?


I agree with Cassie0707 about the gut health aspect especially if you have been on antibiotics which kill all the beneficial gut bacteria! But, also have you checked your Magnesium levels, as most of us are deficient and it has so many functions in the body (Well over 300 and more like 700!) and Magnesium is also needed to activate Vitamin D. So if you are low in Magnesium, you are going to suffer many health problems.





Thanks for the replies. The chest problem is new and have only been on antibiotics for last two days.

My sister is still waiting for her scope to confirm if celiac. I just feel things are a little crazy with meds and symptoms and once the chest infection is better and they can confirm if I also have asthma I will review back with the GP.

I saw GP before I went on holiday in December and he gave me prescription for clonidine for hot flushes. I have not started as we agreed we would wait until after holidays and I must admit not keen to start without full review with being on inhalers.

I have started on iron tablets and take sublingual vit D and a multi vit. I agree with thoughts that I seem to have an absorption problem.


Still no test results posted 😊 I would prefer to treat my thyroid well rather than take asthma medication. Have you researched the connection ?

How much iron ? How much VitD ? Do you know your results for D ? - as dosage is linked to results. Multivits are ineffective as they rarely contain enough of anything and are full of fillers and possibly iodine. Do you take VitC with the iron to aid absorption ?

DId you manage to increas your B12 injections - something I read in another thread of yours. Do you take Folate or Folic Acid with your B12 - they work in an important way together in the body.

Low iron = Low oxygen - oxygen sticks to iron in the red blood cells for transportation around the body to lungs heart brain etc. Did you have a FULL iron Profile done ?

Sorry lots of questions - only trying to help 😊

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