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Test Results


I’ve just had a blood test due to feeling tired and foggy of late. I’m a bit confused about my results.

I had an increase from 100 to 125 Levo in October due to returning hypo symptoms and what the Dr termed a ‘borderline’ blood result. I was feeling much better until now.

My TSH is obviously very low but other results not high?!

Pleased to see that my thyroglobulin has dropped a lot since the summer and following a gluten free diet. It’s was 458 on my last test and now normal.

Apart from that, I’m not sure what course of action to take now.

Any advice greatly appreciated


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TSH is not really relevant once on meds. Free t4 and free t3 should be in the top quarter of their ranges and TSH wherever it needs to be for that to happen. See Dr Toft Pulse article.


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