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Register NOW. Running for only 8 days from today. "Broken Brain" Documentary, brain healing via diet!!

This invite landed in my inbox last week. I subscribed...

Briefly started listening last night, the first episode.

Be sure to get the time zone right depending on wherever you are....

It sounds fascinating and very relevant to us ALL.

I'M m not sure what I have stumbled upon but I feel we should all listen to it. Particularly as it discusses healing through diet...and it discusses the gut...and dimentia too!

Poppy the 🐈 see below

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I had registered and have now listened to first episode and it was very informative and very interesting indeed. I


I love to hear his comments about just being medicated without being told what he actually had...and that coming from a medical professional! I look forward to listening to more tonight.

Poppy 😃


How many people are diagnosed with dementia and haven't even had a homocysteine level checked. It could be due to low B12. Also adhd was mentioned amongst other problems which could be differently treated.


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