The Zombie Apocalypse is Already Here!

"This video reveals an incredibly important psychological phenomenon that all Natural News readers need to understand, because this phenomenon is what drives our world. Reason is an alien concept to most people. They do not operate on it, they do not embrace it and they do not even recognize it."

In this article The Health Ranger discusses the lack of reasoning behind the way people vote - something we've all noticed recently! He then goes on to apply the same theory to the way people 'think' about vaccines. I think this could be extended even further to answer a question that Humanbean asked yesterday : What do members of the medical profession think T3 actually does? And begs the question : Do the medical profession actually think?

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  • Thanks for posting this greygoose. It does explain the lunacy of our recent election. I think there's definitely something in the water (probably chlorine, fluoride and a few other nasties). You've got to love the twisted logic regarding vaccines!

  • Indeed you have!

    But it's not just something in the water - although that's bad enough - it's the quality of modern food. So many additives and e numbers. The brain just isn't nourished anymore. And soy! They stuff that in everything, and it really isn't food as our bodies know it!

  • I'm trying to cook everything from scratch, (organic - when I can find it!) but it isn't easy, shopping takes much longer - an age if I forget my specs!

    I was appalled to find soy in almost every loaf of bread, so have started to make my own. Results are varying from ok to should be classed as a lethal weapon! At least I know what's in it.

  • Exactly! i used to love English bread - depsite what people say about French bread lol - but now I Don't go to England because it would be just too hard for me to see all those tempting loaves and not be able to eat any!

    In France, ingrédients are listed on the product - even bread, and if it isn't in a wrapper, it's posted up somewhere in the boulangerie. So, that way I know, a few years ago, they did start putting soy flour in bread - and soy protein in lots of other things - but I notice that it is being included less and less often. Don't know why exactly, but I find that encouraging. Vive la France!

    The only places where soy is still prevelant is in McDonald's, Quick and KFC. That tells you something, doesn't it!

  • For me there is nothing like a French baguette. Even better a sec buerre in a cafe with coffee, and the stink of Gaulouise (when smoking was permitted) emanating through the cafe.......Bliss!

  • True, there is nothing like a French baguette. Even when they make baguettes in England, it's not the same because the flour is different. But when that's your only option day after day after day, it soon palls. And I hate the smell of Gauloise! lol

  • The Co-op here in the UK apparently use French flour for their baguettes, and they taste quite nice...

    I just love the smell of Paris, so distinctive compared to London. Nothing like stepping off the Eurostar at Gare-du-Nord and the whiff knocking you out!!

  • I suspect you do not mean the Scots getting 50plus MPs on 1.5 million votes and UKIP getting one with 3.5 million.

  • Something like that. I'm not really a political animal, I just know it's all corrupt.

  • Much worse since we have a political class who mostly have never been in any other employment.

  • Interesting article .I don't know if this as been posted before but there was another article on that page you just posted. .Statins drug use nearly doubles your risk of diabetes study claims.

  • Yup, well, that's been known for a long time. Happened to my friend several years ago. Disgusting, isn't it!

  • Thanks for posting. Very interesting. Zombie nation is so correct. It's lazy brain syndrome; people too lazy to think for themselves. We are apparently in the age of information yet people want to be spoon fed because it takes too much effort to research and then think for themselves and that includes some of the endocrinologists I have seen. And now I will shut up because (as the article as pointed out) I am in danger of believing I am more intelligent than than others in the room 😀

  • You possibly are. lol But I Don't think it's down to being lazy, I think it's an incapacity to think. They haven't been taught or encouraged to think for themselves, and their brains are Under-nourished because they Don't get real food anymore, and their brains are Under constant attack from things like fluoride that they're force-fed with. Plus the number of médications the average person seems to ingest. Doctors seem to prescribe a maxiumum of drugs - why prescribe an aspirin when you can write out a shopping list as long as your arm - and even aspirin isn't that safe - half of which block the effects of the other half but fill the body with dangerous chemicals...

    I could go on for a long time on that subject, but I'll spare you. lol

  • Yes, I agree. To be honest there are so many points that can be raised, such as the ones you have raised; big Pharma has a lot to answer for; the food industry also has a lot to answer for. Also, school education; teachers are, unfortunately, made to teach children how to pass exams by following a curriculum dictated to by government and thereby not learning the subject. Therefore they are not encouraged to think for themselves.

  • One could ask if they study the right subjects, anyway.

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