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Need advice again (sorry)

Hi all, sorry to ask silly questions but its the only place i get answers. I have a cold, blocked nose headache dry couch ett. Dont feel really unwell just a bit sorrt for myself. Anyway i went to the chemist yesterday to stock up on remedies so i make a quick recovery and he said because im on levo i cant have anything πŸ˜‚ is this right ?? If so have any of you any advice on what i can take please. Paracetamol are just not doinh anything on there own.

Thank you in avance


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Ooo No advice but never thought about it and I took Lemsip tablets over the festive season - will be interested to see the replies :)


Looking through your other posts I cannot see any results with ranges for B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD. Perhaps your levels are low and affecting the uptake of your Levo dose and coversion. Did you manage to obtain your results after Christmas ?

Do you have Hashimotos ? Also your VitD could be low as I have read taking a goodly amount is more effective than the Flu Vaccine :-)

Sorry no info about what you can and cannot take with Levothyroxine. Have you tried sipping fresh lemons in warm water with honey ? Maybe try inhaling steam from a bowl with a cloth over your head - pop some Olbas Oil in the water for inhalation. Vick works wonders too I beleive. All the old fashioned things have been forgotten :-)

You will of course only relieve the symptoms - but then that is what the pharmaceuticals do too ! You could make some chicken soup by making stock from the bones - a great soother.

Hope you soon feel better.


Chicken soup and lots of vit C! :)

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Jennymiddle ....sounds like you have the 'lurgy that I succumbed to just before Christmas. In fact Christmas was cancelled in our house and we stayed away from family gatherings as there is a new born in the family and anyway what is the point of giving your family all those germs, it's bad enough going around the shops with everyone coughing and spluttering!

The dry cough is horrible and with elements of post nasal drip just keeps you awake all night coughing. At one point I was wondering if I had whooping cough such was the racket. The only thing that soothed and cleared to give some relief was steam inhalations and as Marz says with the addition of Olbas Oil. I also used frankinsense essential oil inhalation as it's good for inflammation and mucous. I was even getting up at 3am to steam as it was the only way I could get a little relief to sleep!

Took around 2 weeks to get much better and I hope you feel better soon. Chicken broth rules! :)

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Thank you everyone. Been to another chemist today and got a sream inhaler with a bit of vicks in. Sorrt for moaning i know its only a cold but just couldnt understand why i couldnt take anything to make a more speedy recovery. Thanks again for all your good advice.

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