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Nature thyroid advice?

Hi everyone, after some guidance.

I started Levo 3 months ago, currently been on 75mcg for 3 weeks.

On Monday I started with allergy symptoms - hives, nausea, swollen lips and eyes and even got taken to a+e on Wednesday as I was extremely short of breathe. I’m on steroids and antihistamines gut again at 2am I was covered from head to toe in hives and had d+v all night!

Drs are baffled as never had this before and I’m 32. After some reading I found that the synthetic fillers etc of levothyroxine can cause histamine release in the body and cause allergies?

I know for a fact GP won’t be bothered as it took weeks for me to even get Levo after I demanded he speak to endocrine who agreed I needed medication.

Any advice please? I’m off work again today with huge hives all over me and completely fed up. I stopped my Levo today and I’m worried about relapsing as I finally started to feel “okish”

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Hey there I have the same issue as you. I’m also 32. Turns out I’m histamine intolerant (found by gastroenterologist) and yes Levo does make it worse by reducing DAO in the gut (the enzyme needed to break down histamines). Histamine Intolerance and DAO deficiency is kinda a new thing in medicine and many doctors are still clueless about it unfortunately.

What has helped me is taking Quercitin twice a day, it helps with allergies or histamine problems. Also changing my diet to low histamine, and taking a DAO enzyme supplement before eating histamine heavy meals (like at the restaurant for example).

I was on antihistamines for about 2 months but hated it, and found the quercetin to work much better without the side effects.

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Also you could just be having an allergic reaction to a filler in the Levo, I should have mentioned that first as it’s quite likely.

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Thankyou! I have just spoken to Dr and asked for an alternative brand to the mercurypharma as that’s the one I’ve been given this month! If no joy with that I’ll look into the histamine thing, thankyou for your reply ☺️


You’re welcome! I really hope another brand works for you, I’ve heard of people having reactions to the mercury brand before. If you need any information regarding histamine Intolerance feel free to PM me. Good luck!


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