Natural thyroid if only borderline

Ive posted before about my results and as I thought I was not normal although Dr thinks so. My results were slightly out. I got myself some natural thyroid from nutrimeds but I scared to take. My question is, I know I'm ill, I'm pretty sure this is the right way to go to make me better as I've reached the end and find no enjoyment in life at all but what happens to your thyroid if you add extra. Will it shut down? If it was just struggling, will it start working again? I sit here thinking I have the possible cure but it could also make it worse? Help

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  • Bigbum, Unless low thyroid is caused by non-thyroidal illness it is rare for low levels to spontaneously improve. Supplementing low levels won't cause the thyroid to shut down or stop working. The pituitary gland switches off TSH stimulation when sufficient circulating thyroid hormone is detected, naturally or by replacement. If replacement is stopped, or the dose is insufficient, TSH will rise again to stimulate the thyroid gland to produce more hormone.

    I can't see that Nutrimeds glandular will make things worse unless you overmedicate or raise dose too quickly. Because they don't state the amount of hormone contained in each dose it's possible that the active hormone content is small and you may need to take large quantities to feel well. In that case it may be better to buy Levothyroxine, NDT or T3 online. The link below will guide you re dosing.

  • Before you do anything its vital you know what level your




    Vit d3

    are because they must all be halfway in their ranges if you are to correctly utilise any thyroid meds

    Theres no need to be scared of taking NDT

    just start on 1/2 a tablet once a day for 3 weeks and if no ill effects increase by 1/2 tablet a day every 3 or 4 weeks

  • Hi, all my other blood tests came back within their ranges. Its just the TSH that is 2.57 and ft4 13.1 however my symptoms all point towards thyroid but because they R in normal range the Dr won't treat. I have no quality of life now, I'm missing out on time with my 3yr old we tried 10yrs for and my teenage children don't have a happy mum. I have lost my hair and gained weight in the last 18months,, nothing really gives me pleasure anymore even though I know I have alot to be thankful for. I have become a recluse, won't leave the home because my clothes don't fit.

  • Hi, you are obviously really down about all this, I don't blame you. My GP and Endo have both said I don't have hypothyroid cos my TSH is "normal"! But we know our selves don't we? We know we are not normal! Why don't they look at our symptoms like DRs used to do?

    Keep reading on here and I'm sure you will find the help you need. I'm not there yet but I'm sure the only way is up!

    Good luck!

  • Sorry but your doctor is wrong

    "within range " means ZILCH

    TSH should be near 1 and Free T4 around 19

    no one knows what your figures were when you were well that's the entire problem the medics refuse to face

    If everyone had tests done when well there would be a baseline to get back to

    My husband was in myxodeama madness with a TSH of 2.9 and a free T4 of 19 because he previously had Graves then surgery

    My daughter was in severe hypothyroid state and her TSH was 2.9 as was her daughter

  • Hi I am newly diagnosed well I say diagnosed ! I rang for my results and the nurse said they are fine ??? But I felt so ill :( I asked the numbers TSH 4.67 T4 12 the range for tsh was 2.5 -5 ... I told my friend and she said you are hypo ! Went to see Gp and he said in range I lost it a bit and said if I'm in range and not hypo what's wrong with me ? Give me something to make me feel better ! Once I reminded him I was HYPER 10 years ago and had TPO antibodies he said start you on 25mcg of thyroxine ! For goodness sake we shouldn't have to fight for it when feeling so poorly :( I had symptoms of bad pains in my arms and weakness , nausea , burping all the time no appetite hair loss insomnia palps , bad bad mood swings and bad memory :( no constipation though ? I nearly went to A&E thinking I was having a heart attack :( I'm only on day 3 of the thyroxine so early days but my arms are not so painful :) I do having a burning in my body which I had when I was hyper ! I'm a coeliac have been for about 25 years and also have B12 injections .. The awful feeling that someone was strangling me and a elephant standing on my chest :( I do have 3 nodules on my thyroid that came up when I was HYPER but feel like they have decreased in size ! Hope you start to feel better soon ! It's a noghtmare try to keep positive good luck thank god for this forum and good friends xxxxxxx

  • Thank you everyone and yes this forum is a Godsend. I am beginning to think that my heart problems I had about 10 yrs ago was a hyper state. I was diagnosed with Mitral valve prolapse which wouldn't really cause me a problem, if it weren't for these arrhythmias I started having SVT's. I ended up having a device fitted to measure the beats and on verapamil to slow down. Then the device would be downloaded. Some beats were sitting at 221 bpminute! - incredibly scarey. For some reason, (and I always thought it was cos I stopped having coffee and went on a low carb diet) these beats stopped being a problem and now feels difficult to get it fast unless going up steep hills when walking, then it would really boomp.Now when I think about it, I wonder if it was my thyroid.

    Today I have taken a quarter of the Nutri-meds bovine one and will see. I am scared but I cannot carry on like this.

  • Hi, I've been taking nutrimeds porcine thyroid for just a short time but I feel it's helping - esp. with sleep (as poor sleeper all my life this is a real plus). however everybody's different, if you do decide to try go slowly and of course you can always stop!

  • Do Nutrimeds contain real Thyroid Hormones?

  • Why would you not order REAL thyroid meds, instead of these that don't even tell you the hormone content?

  • The traditional reason was that it is possible to get them without a prescription. The Internet has changed a lot of things including how easily people can find out about suppliers of REAL thyroid meds.

    Secondarily, we still do not know whether even a "glandular" which genuinely has no thyroid hormone content provides any benefit at all. If it does, then possibly there is a reason to take them. If not, then I am struggling to think of any reason.

    The lack of clear, independent information as to the hormone content of these glandulars, and the consistency of any such content, has always been a concern to me.

  • I don't see why I'm being beaten down about using bovine thyroid when it was suggested to me via here. I have been to Dr Lowes website and emailed with his wife about their product, this one from nutri-meds is in tablet form so I am able to cut and start low. I can't get a prescription so therefore I am having to try and help myself.

  • I don't mean to get at you or beat you down at all. The whole subject of these products is difficult and uncertain. The Thyro-Gold product does at least appear to contain a consistent and significant hormone level.

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