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Making your own online Health Record

If like me you want to keep your own health record using information you have obtained from providers such as Medichecks or Blue Horizon have you seen this NHS approved App?

You can access your GP record using the registration keys given by your GP and in addition you have your own set of files to add in your own information. It was recommended to me by a GP and I am making health records that are more complete than the one the GP holds. It is worth a look. I wrote an article for them and it appeared on Twitter this week. Have a read then look at the App it is free and NHS approved.

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Thanks DJR1.

Perhaps GP surgeries don't want us to know we have the right to our OWN information.

I can access my surgery's EMIS site with limited medical records - they seem to have been doctored! I may have a look at that alternative ap....

As you said before -

"The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force next May, scraps the fees that data providers can charge people for their information".

so they can bury their heads in the sand no longer!

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