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Hyperthyroidism 👎🏼 and Acupuncture 👍🏼


I just wanted to share my positive experience.

I have been diagnosed with acute/sub acute thyroiditis, hyperthyroidism, mild auto immune hyperthyroidism by 3 different doctors .. confused!! Being on carbimazole for 8 months and the last 4 months I have been really poorly.

With the doctors and endo not understanding my symptoms (one endo sending me a Ct scan as she didn’t know why I was ill ..unnecessary stress) I looked into alternative healing whilst staying on carbimazole.

I found an amazing lady acupuncturists who took the time to listen to my symptoms and definitely felt she could help me rebalance my thyroid. I have seen her weekly for a month and now on monthly sessions. I made my dr and endo aware of this and they were really supportive.

I have week on week starting to feel more myself, I turn up and tell her my symptoms which she works with. I turned up one day dizzy and walked out of her office dizziness free! It really helped with the anxiety,panic and nausea symptoms too.

I saw her last night and she couldn’t believe the difference in my appearance she said I no longer look like a nervous wreck and I look healthier and alive!! Such an boost. She thinks I am slightly dipping into hypo now I have a blood test next week so I will see if she is right, it wouldn’t surprise me as I am freeeezing!! 😊

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Fantastic lisa, happy things are moving for you, not something i have thought off, yes im hypo now and get freezing cold fingertips and toes and pins and needles.😊

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Glad you are enjoying the benefits. I had a months treatment twice a week given to me for Free as my Physio was interested in the impact of acupuncture on raised anti-bodies. I had the biggest drop ever on my thyroid journey to reduce those pesky anti-bodies :-)


Wow that’s interesting about the anti bodies, I haven’t had my bloods done since I started acupuncture so it will be interesting to see next week. That’s great you had it for free as it can get expensive but worth it to get your health back!


I am in Crete and my Physio has an Overactive thyroid I think ....


I had my first acupuncture session last Friday and definitely feel better. The upper abdominal pain I've had for over a year has gone. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's appointment, and the blood test at the end of the treatment.

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