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Thyroid Skin Problems

Hi, I am new, a Californian & have much catch up reading to do after viewing the ongoing posts. Would appreciate advice on any (face) skin care/or articles anyone has found helpful. I currently have quite a gamut of hypothyroid issues but lately my dry skin bothers me by far the most. Perhaps it is more troublesome in drier climates like California(?)

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Maybe your levothyroxine dose is not optimal?? How much are you taking? If you have your latest blood test results and post them here along with the laboratory ranges people may be able to make helpful suggestions. Lucky you with Californian sunshine, maybe your vitamin D levels will be good? If you have had vitamins tested then post those results here too.


Thank you Nanaedake. I need to really bone up on my lab results, but first obtain copies of them. I've been told that what has been drawn was within normal limits. I was recently offered Tirosint & started it in hopes it will absorb better. My low grade headaches went away immediately. I will post labs, review the Endo office visit note & update you as soon as I can access them.


My dry skin improved when I got my thyroid replacement optimal,but I have had issues in the 20 years I have been taking thyroid replacement.

I only shower once a week & have to use strip washes in between.I cannot soak in a bath.I have a back scratcher!When itching becomes unbearable I resort to the miracle of "Nenuco"Spanish baby cologne bought on Ebay.

I use 99% aloe vera gel on face,body,scalp.I buy it on Ebay in litre tubs.

I keep all my vitamins optimal & take 1,000mg omega 3 aday & 1,000mg cod liver oil in winter.

I can only use "Dead Sea Spa Magik "shampoo on my hair & regularly leave "Dead Sea Spa Magik"scalp mud conditioner on my scalp for hours,before rinsing it off & slathering aloe vera gel on,letting it stay on overnight & brushing it out in the morning.

I don't find lotions helpful because they are high water content.I use oils occasionally.

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Hello Clarissa - You'll get a lot of help once you post your blood test results, but until then: Oils!

Coconut oil eaten and applied for example. I have several cold pressed organic oils that I mix and match for cleansing and moisturising and use olive, avocado and macadamia oils liberally with food

Are you familiar with Caroline Hirons' website?

Tons of great advice there.

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Thank you, thank you for this help & direction. I am still working on obtaining labs...

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