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Seeking professional help - but what order?

You’ve all been so helpful - I now realise I’m under medicated thanks to you all - and have a GP appointment arranged (end of January!!).

I know that will not result in the tests I need. I’m guessing an endo referral will be difficult and probably in a distant future - if at all.

So the advice I need is:-

Should I arrange private blood tests and take to GP? Or discuss with her before I do it?

I have several names of private endocrinologists I could see (self funding). Should I wait until I have discussed with my GP?

I’m guessing I need to keep my GP on side! But I’m fed up of feeling so lousy! And it’s a month before I can see her. I’d like to start doing something positive.

Thanks a lot in anticipation. X

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Personally I would get a private full Thyroid and vitamin test done before seeing GP

Then you know if you have Hashimoto's, have vitamin deficiencies etc

Explain how terrible you have been feeling

If GP doesn't trust your results they can rerun their own tests (often done at same lab as private tests!)

But if any of private tests are out of range then they would be obliged to retest them too - eg FT3

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Thanks that helps.



Many GP practices are unable to order FT3. It simply is not on their computer system.

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Apparently my new GP practice orders it ....but labs don't do it, even if Patient is on T3. (unless TSH is out of range.)

My GP is extremely happy that I get tests privately. Saves them money. I give them a copy.

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There are usually local agreements between practices, CCGs and labs agreeing which tests will be done and when. Some labs decline to test FT3 unless TSH is suppressed <0.03.


I don't think the doctor will be impressed by private blood tests results but if you do get a private test post the results and members will respond. At least you will get positive responses. Mind you, your doctor may be sympathetic and knowledgeable.

Your doctor may take his own tests but usually TSH and T4 only.

Few doctors knew anything about dealing with hypothyroid patients so we have to read, learn and ask question.

If you've not had the names of the Endos from TUK you should consider requesting the list of sympathetic endos from dionne.fulcher@thyroiduk.org.uk who has a list.


Thanks - I’ve only had t4 from gp. So still thinking!


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