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itchy spots

i posted a while ago about a itchy patch on my hand that will move from hand to hand

ive been to the drs 3 times with this, ive been given steroid creams, hand wash/cream, antibiotics and antihistamines

they dont have a clue whats going on

monday night my heel of foot felt sore didnt think much of it

tuesday night the itch and pain really set in, i could hardly walk, felt like pain in the bone too

went to drs wednesday and she gave a mild steroid cream for the patch on my hand which has changed space since then and a stronger steroid cream for foot and antihistamines every 4-6 hours, i asked if it was related to diabetes and she said no

now the itch is more down the side of my foot and under my big toe

i have to wear flip flops because socks and trainers make it painful

its driving me insane

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Ask your GP to refer you to a dermatologist.


i will do


Is it worse with pressure? For example, when holding the hoover or grasping something?


no it just suddenly starts itching and no amount of scratching eases it, then the bone pain bruised feeling sets in

my foot got so bad the other night i couldnt walk on it and did consider going to the hospital


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